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Hi, I will be starting classes in the fall at my local CC to prepare for admission to Nursing School and was wondering if taking both Biology & Chemistry during the same semester is wise? I... Read More

  1. by   RN 2 BE
    I am about to enter a respiratory therapy program, and I need to retake my A & P 1 and Chemistry due to the fact that it has expire over 5yrs. The Chemistry class is not College Chem or a Bio-organic chem, which I have taken both before. It is called Chemistry for Allied Health. The school that I am going to attend have a 5yr block on sciences, and so that's why I have to take these courses over. I took them the first time together and got a B in A & P and a C in College Chemistry. So I am a little timid about taking them together again, because I want to be able to pull off at least a B in both classes. I do have the choice though of taking the Chemistry with my respiratory classes next year when I am in the program. The classes are Intro to Allied Health, Resp Theory 1, Resp Procedures 1, Resp Pharm, Cardio- Respiratory Physiology, and Med terminology, and then the Chemistry. So which should I do? Take it now this fall with A & P 1 or later with the respiratory core? Also in the spring 2010 I must take Physics for Allied Health. What should I do? I did not plan on taking 2 sciences together again, but looks like I have no choice. Either A & P with physics or with chemistry, but definately not physics and chem. Im not sure about A & P and physics. Hmmmm need help. Please respond ASAP!!
  2. by   Commanderzoom
    I'm taking Principles of Biology and Intro to Chemistry this semester. Apparently I also have to take a Literature class, which I think is bull because I took Honors Composition and that counts as two English classes. Two English classes are all that are required. I don't know how I'm going to handle this while working 30 hours/week.