Is nursing the right thing to do???

  1. Hi everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone else is feeling the same way I am. I am a first semester nursing student, taking micro and A/p1 this semester. I will start the nursing classes in January. I have some concerns about being a nurse and it seems the more I read about the shortage, the stress, the pay etc I wonder if I am really doing the right thing or getting myself into a situation that will cause me MORE stress than my current job. I really want to be a nurse, but I find myself getting totally overwhelmed when I think about what the future of nursing might be like. I have had some people tell me that I shouldn't do it because of the stress etc. I tell myself to take it one day at a time and it will be okay. AM I totally crazy for wanting to do this??
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  3. by   jemb
    Perhaps we could help you more in your decision if you would elaborate on your reasons for wanting to become a nurse.
  4. by   FTell001
    READ THIS BOARD~~ It says it all. The stress is BEYOND STRESS!
  5. by   Rena RN 2003
    i think it depends on what type of stress one is under and how one personally handles stress.

    there are certain types of stress that i thrive on. there are certain types of stress that will do me in in a heart beat.

    you must want to be a nurse badly to get through it and do it well. only you can decide, no one else will be able to do that for you.

    i think if someone goes into nursing with only a paycheck in mind the stress may be more overwhelming. in my situation, any steady paycheck will be an improvement over my income now :chuckle so the pay isn't that important....necessary type important but not be all-end all important, kwim?
  6. by   renerian
    It is stressful but there are so many options to work you could change if you felt overwhelmed. I agree with an earlier post. Why do you want to be a nurse? Some people go into it for money. Bad choice. Some go into it for security. Another bad choice. In 6 of my last seven nursing jobs my positions were either cut or totally eliminated due to buget cuts or mergers.......

  7. by   luluann
    I definitely did not decide to do it for the money. It's kinda a long story, but the short version is...My Dad died of kidney disease when I was 18. He was 53. I spent most of my childhood in hospitals while he was on dialysis and in/out for various complications. I thought then that I wanted to be a nurse, but then high school came and boys and other stuff got in the way. I got a job in a small specialty medical office and loved it. I started back to school parttime but ended up pregnant with my firstborn. That put a stop to school as money was more important at the time. I moved on to an insurance company and that was okay too. Figured I would retire there..ya right!! Anyway, a couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of coaching my sis during her labor and delivery and that is what really clinched it for me. I went down to school the next day and knew in my heart that I NEED to be a nurse. Call it a sign from above or something but I just KNEW. I also can walk into a hospital and FEEL like I belong there. I am very comfortable there and I even like the smell!! I know...strange!! I am now a parttime Home Health Aide and I absolutely love it! I even enjoyed working in the nursing home during our CNA training clinicals. (never thought I would say that!)
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    Originally posted by FTell001
    READ THIS BOARD~~ It says it all. The stress is BEYOND STRESS!

    Do you think that saying this is going to HELP the nursing shortage or HURT it? What I am saying is that if all the new students keep hearing about nothing but negative things then do you really think they are going to want to be nurses?? Think NOT! I'm sorry, but it can't ALL be negative!!!
  9. by   Rena RN 2003
    it's not all negative. but it is so hard to answer those "should i be a nurse?" questions. i believe a person has to want it badly because let's face it, it is stressful. but at times totally blissful.

    but if it was all bliss everyone could be a nurse. i believe that people should be aware of the stress so they can make an informed decision.
  10. by   missionnurse
    Hey, Lulann!

    How can we answer your question? You seem to have answered it for yourself! My Dad was my inspiration too!!! He had a really terrible motorcycle accident and I decided I could surely do a better job as a nurse than what I saw in those weeks!

    As for how rough the future of nursing looks, it may sound fairytaleish, but only we can change the future and if we don't get in there and work our butts off to make our future better one nurse at a time, it WILL get worse!

    So my advice? Get in there, and be the best you can be, and speak up for us as a profession. Don't let micromanagers, and administration make our future lousy! Be the voice of reason and the example of how good nurses can be!!

    We can do this!! Together!! Look at the support we have right here!
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  12. by   Beach_RN
    Well what do you consider stress... all jobs have stress, the way I look at it, is no job is ideal..... I don't know matter how much they like their job that doesn't have a list of complaints.. that just the way it is.... tis human nature!

    The reason I want to go into nursing is because I truly love children...In my heart I honestly feel I can make a diffrence... It might sound naive.. but that is how I feel and I feel enough passion that I have decided to go back to school and start a 2nd career as a nurse....

    Bottom Line.. make up your own mind... don't let what other think or say influence you! It's just like when your getting ready to start nursing school... there are some people who will tell you it is brutal.... how horrible nursing school is... and there are others who wil tell you.. Yes nursing school is very difficult, but not impossible..

    Good Luck

  13. by   RNIAM
    Hey everyone,speaking totally from stess myself. I have never wanted something so bad in all my life. In less than two years time I will be a graduating nurse! My goodness the stress is intense, sometimes you just want to cry from it, but then something awesome happens and you leap for joy. Here is my story.I was falling apart an the end of last week. the patient I had on Thurs went zoony and I had the worlds worst day. When she finally calmed down and we talked I found out that she liked cats. Well, Friday I just couldn't handle the thought of caring for this woman again,so I stayed home but I sent in 4 cat pictures. Two of the pics I got from the nest and two from home. I also sent her in some hand lotion. My instructor gave the gifts to her and I guess she cried and felt bad for putting me through all of that. It tugged my heart. I will keep on going.I am not saying there won't be time where I will want to give up and run again. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. I plan on sticking it out day by day! Good luck in your choice,it is a tough one but if you want it bad enough, you'll put up with anything to get it.