Is it best to Purchase or Rent Nursing Textbooks?

  1. I have used textbook rental companies like Chegg to rent my textbooks. However this was for general education courses.

    Is it best to purchase or rent nursing textbooks. Money is tight and I am trying to save money. If I rent my nursing books will I still need them for my NCLEX review or later for future reference in my nursing career /schooling? TIA!
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  3. by   Servingshots
    It depends on the class. For example for med-surg your probably going to use your book for a couple of semester. Also many of your nursing books are going to be helpful for future refrences, like a pharm or patho book. For some of my elective classes I have rented. Again depends on the class. Good luck!!
  4. by   LuLutheClown
    Money is tight for me, as well. I have rented from Chegg in the past. However, I decided to rent with this semester because they have an option to purchase the books, if you'd like, before your return date. And, I found promo codes for $6 an $7 off each purchase from I ordered each book individually and under two accounts and saved an additonal $60 plus on nine textbooks. They also offered free shipping both ways.

    I really wanted to buy because succeeding in nursing school is so important to me. But, with the money issues this option seems like a good idea. I was told that I may need only three or four of my books, so I can pay the difference and buy them....maybe one book a month.

    Good luck
  5. by   Busia
    I've kept a lot of my books from first semester to reference in 2nd semester, so I definitely would say buy them. I bought most of my 1st semester books and ALL of my 2nd semester books on I saved about $400 over what they would have cost me in the campus bookstore! And the 1st semester books (and gen ed books) that I decided not to keep, I was able to sell on and get way more than what the college buy-back would have given me.
  6. by   coast2coast
    In general, I do not use textbooks very much and don't like to throw a lot of money away on them. I usually prefer to rent. However this semester, I have one book which is a new version of a pretty widely known text; I'm buying a new copy because I'm pretty sure I can sell it for almost full value.

    Either way, I like - it will show you retail, rental, and resell prices from major retailers (chegg, abebooks, amazon, B&N, etc)
  7. by   Nurse Kyles
    I would definitely say BUY!! I'm not sure if all schools are like this... but we use the same text books over and over. 2nd semester I used all but one of my first semester books. For third semester I only have to buy one additional book (ECG Made Incredibly Easy), which is cheap. I bought all of my books off of & I can usually get them for around half price.
  8. by   turnforthenurse
    Depends on the class and what you're interested in. I bought my med-surg book and also my critical care books (I hope to work in the ICU one day) but everything else I just rented or borrowed from other nursing students. When you study for your NCLEX, an NCLEX book (such as Saunders) is really all you need.