Is anyone a member of the nsna?

  1. Hi,
    I wanted to know if anyone is a member of the National student Nursing Asssociation? Is it worth it? How are their benefits?
    I went to their site already... Just wanted to have you guys point of view....
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  3. by   peaceful2100
    I am a member of the NSNA and I am also the president of my school's chapter of the NSNA we call ours RSNA. We are affilated with the States student nurse association and the national student nurse association. You can discounts on many things like NCLEX Preparations, Study AIDS and the conventions are wonderful things to go where you can sit in mini NClex Reviews and network with other nursing students, nursing schools, hospitals and other health care companies. I think it is worth it. Plus when you decide to join a association like the Operating room nurses association which is AORN or the National association of neonatal nurses or what ever association you get a discount if you join immediately after graduating.
  4. by   lindagio
    I love NSNA. I got a chance to attend two national conventions and 2 state conventions. The national conventions open the world of nursing to you and really makes you realize why I want to become a nurse. Of course you come home with alot of information and plenty of school supplies. I am also the president of my nursing assoc. I find it rewarding to help in the community along with learning. I plan to continue with the ANA and expand my knowledge. I strongly recommend becoming a member. I did not use the benefits but some say they are better than nothing. Best wishes. I graduate in Aug and plan for the NCLEX.
  5. by   GPatty
    I am a member of NFLPN. Haven't had much of a chance to go to any conventions as of yet, but I want to someday.
    After I am accepted into Rn school, I'd like to join the NSNA also.

    Good Luck!