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How about a thread that will allow us to introduce ourselves to those who are new and the new students can do the same. I am Stephany, 42, mother of 3 children, a son 22, a daughter 15, and a son... Read More

  1. by   1ready2Bnurse
    Hi Everyone!! I am 36, married, and a mother of a 7 and an 8 year old. I have a BS in business administration/management and am starting an accelerated BSN/RN program in two weeks! In just 14 months I will have my BSN/RN. I am nervous as we will be taking 22 credits in the Spring, 18 in the summer and then 22 again in the Fall. I am a really good student in college, make the Dean's list, graduated with honors, etc. but I know this will be totally different and have accepted that I will not get such good grades. I just hope to do WELL.
  2. by   sneakymom2011
    Hey everyone!

    I'm Cheryl. 40. Got 2 kids- they're almost 14 and almost 11. After 5 years of wading through prerequisites- including the 2 semesters I took off due to my father's death 3 years ago, I start nursing classes on Jan 7th.

    I'm in a community college program, and I should have my RN in Dec 2010. Or at least that's what we were told in orientation.

    Question. My school runs on a cohort schedule, they accept 4 classes of 30 people each. Anyone else's school run on this schedule? From what I've read, when you stay with the same group of people for the entire time you're in school, more people graduate. Hopefully I won't be sick and tired of these people after 2 years

    I have a BS in Psychology. I really wanted the 2nd degree BSN program at a local college, but I was WAY down on the waiting list, and it would have taken me another year to get the rest of the prerequisites done for that program. After I graduate in 2 years, I'm hoping to get into an RN-BSN program.

    It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to do with my life. I want to be a nurse b/c I want to help people. I'd thought about teaching, b/c I love to be around kids. I just don't want to be around 30 of them at the same time for 6 hours a day

    Nice to meet everyone!
  3. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    HII!! I'm 33 yrs old, I've been married 16yrs this February and have 3 children, 16yrs, 9yrs & 8yrs. I have been in school since 2006 and have now been accepted into an LVN course. I'm so excited, nervous, the whole 9 yards. I start Jan14th and orientation is Jan11th!! Best wishes to everyone starting this Jan!!!
  4. by   ena1978
    Quote from kck605
    Hello..I'm Katie. I have one semester left to complete for my ADN. I can't lie...I am getting very anxious about this last semester (management) let alone the NCLEX and starting to work!! I thought joining this site would help me prepare for what comes next!
    HI kck605. Congratulations on almost completing the nursing program. I will also be graduating June 2008. Im so excited and looking forward to wonderful experiences as a nurse.
  5. by   ena1978
    Quote from Gretchen1105
    Hi Everyone! I just found this discussion board today and I'm already addicted! I'm 26 years old and have recently decided to make a career change to nursing. I have a BS and MS degree in Accounting and have worked in the field for 3 years. I'm still making final decisions between an ASN or BSN acclerated program. Either way I will start my pre-reqs in Jan or May of 08. Very excited for this journey! Nice to meet all of you.
    Wish you well on your journey. Be positive and you can do it!!!!
  6. by   ena1978
    Quote from AnneS
    Hi everyone. I've been reading posts on this forum off and on for about a year and finally decided to post because I JUST GOT MY LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE INTO THE NURSING PROGRAM!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeee. I am soo excited. This is a second career for me. I have been a CPA for 20+ years but wanted a change. I am really looking forward to classes starting in January. Can anyone give me an idea of how much time they spend a week in class, lecture, clinic, studying? I am 47, married with 4 children and a dog. Sometimes I wish I was 20 years younger, I feel so old compared to the other students, but there are always a few other older students in my classes, so I don't feel out of place. Good luck to all .
    Congrats on your acceptance to the nursing program. I can just imagine how excited you are!!!! And to answer your question about how much time is required to put into school well make sure your sitting, cause what I have to say is not pretty......... Lets put it this way.... I practically lived at school my first semester of nursing school. Everything is new like the way you study, the way you memorize things, the way you test, the way to read a book ( cause the chapters are soooooo long). You dont know what to expect so its very difficult. We had lecture 2 times a week all morning long, then in the afternoon we had lab. Clinical was a 12 day shift one day a week at a local hospital, and in addition to all that we had additional lab hours we had to complete. Did I mention I lived at school??? LOL!! Well thats what it felt like. Every school is different, so I would highly recommend you ask students in the program of your school, or contact the staff within your school. Now all that does not include study time. Studying for me didnt start until the afternoon and lasted up until 1-3 am. One thing I do recommend is coffee, coffee, coffee, and lots of coffee!!!!! Thats what helped me stay awake long hours reading and studying. First semester was tough for me and even for alot of other people because its a whole new world. But it gets alot better. My grades have improved tremondously as well as my study habits. I wish you the best in school. You can do it. Stay strong and positive and dont let any bad days in nursing school make you change your mind in wanting to become a nurse. Believe me we all have had those days. Best wishes........
  7. by   NiesyLuv0o
    Hi everyone, I am located in South Florida and will start nursing school this January. I am excited and soooo nervous. The staff at the school already said..NO WORK!!! So I know I have to stop working by the end of the year. Thank God for my mother and the support she is offering. Ena, thanks for the heads up about the hectic schedule...I do look forward to that :uhoh21:. I was originally a nursing major until in 2004 I applied and was not accepted. I was sooo crushed, i changed my major to something that I really did not enjoy. So in 2007 when I graduated with my bachelor's I secretly applied. I received my acceptance letter the day before thanksgiving and ever since I have been so anxious. Googling everything...and I do mean...everything. I received a scholarship so that lift some of the financial burden. I really look forward to starting.
  8. by   Nurse McDreamy
    Hi everyone,

    I'm 24 and am a senior nursing student at UTMB in Galveston, TX. I wish I had found this forum earlier because it looks like a lot of helpful stuff and nice people on this forum. I graduate in April if all goes well ...I'm pretty excited/nervous and as a result my anxiety is going through the roof! I hope to learn a lot from everyone on here!
  9. by   SmilesHeal101
    Hello Everyone and Cheers to Nursing!!

    I am a 30 year old in my third semester of nursing school in Stockton, CA. I have four semesters to complete before graduating!! I don't have any children, but happily married for 2 1/2 years!! I love nursing, and I love being a student. I am a little scared about entering the nursing world, but I can do it!!!!
  10. by   brandi110
    Hi I am 24 years old with two children and I was accepted into the RN program at WCCCD in Mi starting Jan 14, 2008. I am nervous as I have heard that it is difficult and extremely demanding. Good luck to all including myself.:spin:
  11. by   Nurse2Be1Day
    Hi I am 29 soon to be 30. I'm married with two sons. I start my RN program on Jan 7, 2008 and should graduate by Summer 2009. I'm looking forward to learning everything I can about nursing. I'm really nervous about starting and am hoping that I'm finally on the path to what I really I wanna be when I grow up. Good Luck to all !!
  12. by   2jen
    Hi, my name is Jen and I live in Southern Ca. I am 23, have been married for a little over a year and start nursing school on January 14th. I am so excited, but nervous at the same time because I have several auto-immune diseases that can sometimes keep me down.
  13. by   ena1978
    Quote from brandi110
    Hi I am 24 years old with two children and I was accepted into the RN program at WCCCD in Mi starting Jan 14, 2008. I am nervous as I have heard that it is difficult and extremely demanding. Good luck to all including myself.:spin:
    . Eveyone can do. Just be positive and strong. Welcome.