I'm with crna someday

  1. hey everyone!
    I'm here to do a little celebratory dance because I, too, have finished a big *obstacle* (project) for the semester! It is one of the papers due in our med/surg rotation and it worked out to be about 15 pages. Unfortunately it isn't near as interesting as crna's webpage about body altering and infection... but I am just so RELIEVED to have something done.
    I was beginning to feel like I was running in circles and never getting anywhere.
    Now, I only have the other 9 papers to do before the end of the semester. Sheesh.
    Hope everyone is having a good day.
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  3. by   nrselisa
    Congrats! I bet that is such a relief!!!
  4. by   delirium
    Actually it is... its freed up some time to work on MORE school work. Yippee. :roll
    Spring break, where are you?
  5. by   mehringa
    way to go! i'm new to this website. it's an assignment for class and it's interesting. i, too, am going to start on a big research project for a class soon. it sure will be nice when that is done!
  6. by   crnasomeday
    Hey, that's great news! Doesn't it feel nice not to have that hanging over your head? I can totally relate :roll .
  7. by   moni rn
    that has got to be a great feeling!

    way to go! :roll