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I was excited last week that I had gotten my acceptance letter into the ADN program, but now I am sad this week because now I will have to turn my spot down.:o This weekend the air conditioner... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by momto2monsters
    i was excited last week that i had gotten my acceptance letter into the adn program, but now i am sad this week because now i will have to turn my spot down.
    this weekend the air conditioner went out in my van and has to be fixed and then i found a bald spot on my tires so that they need to be replaced. soooo, there goes my school money.
    i will still be able to take the 2 additional classes that i need ( microbiology and human growth and development) but it is such a downer! i had originally planned to take those two and wait until next year, but i went ahead and applied to see if i would get in. i will start the nursing program next year. if i made it in this year, surely i'll make it in next year too, especially with the other two classes out of the way.
    melissa in alabama
    [size=3]melissa, i am sorry to read that you are giving up so fast. no, we do not know your circumstances, but have you just took a minute to "think" before you "leap". do i understand, yes, i had to withdraw spring 2002 from an asn program i was accepted to. but you know, i should have kept on keeping on. the good news is, i am accepted for fall 2002, but i still have problems and they will still arise in all of our lives. i pray you find the right thing to do for you!

  2. by   KIMBA
    I have to agree with everyone else. There are so many options out there for you to help fund your education. Don't quit until you have exhausted every option. Chin up and keep us posted!

  3. by   amblessing

    Check with your local hospitals. Where I'm from (Oklahoma) many of the larger hospitals are crying for nurses. So, they will pay your way through nursing school if you sign an agreement to work for them for 1-2 years after graduation.

    I agree with the others about life's little emergencies will ALWAYS come up! Our's always happen 2 weeks before Christmas! One year it was the dishwasher, another year the dryer, and once oral surgery (related to orthodontics) for my daughter that our insurance wouldn't cover!

    Please don't give up just yet!
  4. by   Hooligan
    Hey There Melissa In Alabama!

    You know...these little snafu's always seem to happen. I was planning on quitting my job & starting my program full time in August of '03 but then re-vamped my budget and realized that if I stay and work for 4-5 more months (December '03/January '04), I will be able to pay off our car completly. Otherwise we'd be paying $580/mo. for the next 16 months. There are also some major home improvements I'm eager to start and this would be an impossiblity with that kind of a car payment every month. Unfortunately this little 4-5 month delay will set me 1 full year behind! I can only take fall classes in the fall and Spring in the Spring! But I believe it will be worth it in the end!!! So...chin up! Next term will come soon enough!

  5. by   Momto2monsters
    I really appreciate everyone's support! I feel really good about waiting until next fall. It will just make life more manageable in the long run! I will get the rest of my coreqs out of the way and will be ready to go next fall. I think that I will try and getting a nursing assistant job at my local hospital. They pay for you to go to nursing school!
    I am ineligible for grants because I have a BSEd. We make too much for some other programs and have too crappy of credit for loans. Now I know exactly what I will need and can proceed from there. I know that I will be accepted into the program next fall. If I got in without the 2 missing coreqs, I will definately get in once I have them out of the way.
    Besides, I am looking forward to being able to be involved with my little boy's kindergarten class!
    Melissa in Alabama
  6. by   zudy
    Hang in there Mellisa!!! And have lots of fun with your little boy in kindergarten. I was on weekend option when mine were in kindergarten, so I got t be a very active parent then. Your son will never forget you being there. My oldest son told me not long ago, " Even the cafeateria food tastes good when your mom is at school!" You'll make it!!!
  7. by   tonicareer
    thanks mom to monsters i hear you about money trouble i can't get loans or grants either. i'm trying for a second degree too and can't get fin. aid However if i went for a masters in some ridiulous area like philosophy i could get tons of loans because it is a masters not a second bachelors really is stupid the way our government plans these things isn't it? what are you doing with your bs in education? solveing the great teacher shortage? lol