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Hi everyone. I've been a lurker for some time now, but never thought I'd have anything to talk about, until now. I just received an acceptance letter from a diploma program I am very interested in.... Read More

  1. by   donsterRN
    What a nice welcome...thanks!

    It's encouraging to know that what I'm feeling is not unique. My background and education is in Health Administration; I'm just a computer geek! But nursing has always been something I've wanted to do. Various family members are nurses, and I have worked with (and been cared for by) some amazing nurses who have encouraged me to do what I'm now doing. And although I'm hesitant to leave a good position (and give up a paycheck!) so I can go to school fulltime, this is what I was meant to be and do. I truly believe that. What's wonderful about this site is that all of you know exactly what that means!

    Thanks again for the wonderful welcome. It promises to be an interesting and exciting adventure; I'm happy to be able to share it.

    Be well.
  2. by   Imafloat
    Welcome aboard Don! I am also a non traditional student. I love being older and wiser. I went to college when I was 18 too and I really do enjoy it so much more now. I appreciate it more and my classmates keep me young.
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  4. by   cparrish
    Congratulations on your acceptance!! I waited almost 20 years to go to college and will graduate this May with an A.D.N. at the age of 40. It has been quite an experience and I have came a long way since first starting the program. There have been several times when I have felt overwhelmed by the demands of nursing school, but not once did I ever feel like giving up. I am divorced with 2 children at home and have worked the entire time while putting myself through nursing school. I have wanted this for a long time as well, and that is what has kept me going. Having the "want to" is the first positive step toward achieving your long time goal. When I started my 1st semester, other later semester nursing students would say "You don't know what hard is until you get where we are". They had me absolutely scared to death!! They were right because it does get harder, but I have done really well. I went into each semester with a positive attitude and told myself everyday that "I will do this". And that would be my advice to you as well. Best of Luck!!