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I'm in my first quarter of nursing school and I keep hearing "C Nurses make the best nurses". It makes me absolutely crazy. I'm the first to admit that being book smart does not mean that you have... Read More

  1. by   Catma63
    Quote from Hellllllo Nurse
    Ok, I wasn't going to post on this thread again after some of the ridiculous statements and rude comments I've read, but I couldn't resist-
    If anyone here really, truly believes that good grades don't make any difference, then I found this t-shirt that may interest you-
    Maybe the words "proud of it" on the shirt could be changed to "really defensive about it."
    Oh my Heavens! You broke out the big guns! A Bart t-shirt! Noooo! Nottt Bart!

    Thing is, Hellllllo Nurse, I don't think that anyone's saying necessarily that good grades don't make a difference but rather....being a C student does not make a person a failure......or an underachiever.
    If the grade I have at the end of my studies is a C and I'm that nurse by the bedside who manages to relax that patient for surgery or helps a patient breathe easier, will I be an underachiever then?
    Any nursing student out there who is making As. Shoot, of course you should be proud of them! You worked hard for them! It's a wonderful accomplishment!
    However, don't look down on the student who came out with a C or assume he/she didn't try as hard. Fact is, they should be proud too. There's no shame in a passing grade, no matter what it is.
  2. by   Tweety
    We used to say "C=RN" meaning it's o.k. to make a C, without obessessing anal retentively over grades and crying for days over an A minus. I graduated with honors and worked my fool but off, but it was always nice to have that gentle reminder that life would go on, and I would still pass NCLEX if I made a C (which I never did. )

    To me the "C" phrases aren't really in praise of C students, but to remind us to keep things in perspective.
  3. by   Catma63
    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    To me the "C" phrases aren't really in praise of C students, but to remind us to keep things in perspective.
    Congrats on your achievement!
  4. by   Sheri257
    Quote from manna
    My husband is determined that I will fail as a nursing student because I don't have a lot of God given common sense, but I'm fairly book-smart. I think I may just have to work harder - we all have our own strengths and weaknesses to overcome - for some it's common sense, for others it's more intellectual/academic related issues.
    Don't listen to this "common sense" versus "book smart" mantra. It's total nonsense and yet another lame justificiation. Of course you need some common sense, but this isn't some job at Wal-mart. There is nothing "common" about nursing or the medical profession, for that matter.

    Has anyone read their textbooks? Has anyone noticed how complicated and detailed this stuff is? There's nothing "common" about it. If you don't have the knowledge base, "common sense" will get you absolutely nowhere except, perhaps, a malpractice situation.

    I'm sure the inevitable "I knew a nurse who had no common sense" stories will follow. I don't buy it. Why do you think they want us to learn all of this material in nursing school? Just to waste our time?

    I'll take a "book smart" nurse who really knows her stuff over a "common sense" nurse with less of a knowledge base any day of the week.
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  5. by   iliel
    Oh boy...now we're wondering into common sense Vs book smart. That should be interesting.
    I think it's interesting that ppl assume because some of us will back C=RN, means we are getting C's. That's not true at all. Ya know, it is possible to blow a test and end up with a C and still know the material. There was a guy in my A&P class who blew tests all the time..major test anxiety, but he knew more than anyone else, he studied his rear off and he passed but with a C+. I still bet this would be different if some of you are getting C's. Oh. and HelloNurse, whats wrong if someone is proud of their C's? Are you saying you are better for not backing someone with a C? That they shouldn't be proud? Should they be ashamed? With your last post you just added to the ignorance of this thread.
    You ppl can flame me all you want...it seems every thread lately needs a whipping boy.
  6. by   tomorrows RN
    This is so crazy talk about competition. We are all here for the same thing (I hope) and that is to be a caring HOLISTIC nurse! Have some of you forgotten that? Its not who is "book smart" or who has the most "common sense" because a person with straight A's may not be caring at all. Isn't that what makes us wonderful nurses? obvisously if you passed the NCLEX then you know your stuff- to a point, but remember being a nurse is more than being a A or C student. Ever think about those who just cannot take tests and just maybe they too get ALL A's on their other papers. I sure would not want a nurse who did not care about me, or who did not know I was a human being, do you have to be an A student for that? I've read all these posts and no one cared to mention that theres more than books or more than common sense to actually be on the unit make it thru a night short handed, still be able to give to your patients, with out saying to your self what have I gotten my self into. It takes a hell of a lot to be that nurse to sit down with some one who is sad and scared and actually give that paitent a relieved peice of mind-because some one took the time to care, not look at that patient as just another nursing procedure. I hope all of you the best of luck no matter what kind of grades you get, but remember no one is really going to care about what you were like in school, they care about who you are, people can see right thru you no matter good or bad! You win shine at the end if your heart is into it!
  7. by   MryRose
    I am quite surprised at the "tone" this whole thread has developed. It's quite embarrassing since I just recommended this site because of the "support" that is available here.

    Nursing is a "team" effort..... I hope that should I land in an E.R., fighting for my life, that the nursing staff is more concerned about keeping me alive than about any competitiveness between themselves.

    Think about it.

  8. by   tomorrows RN
    One more thing...
    heres an example any one in A&P 1 or 2? Its hard to get straight A's , have any of you asked a nurse if they used every thing they learned in A&P on the floor? I have I work with nurses good ones and bad ones and both say NO! So do you think that a book smart person is going to be a better nurse because they know where the ventral root or white and gray matter are? Just because some one gets A's like in A&P does'nt mean s---! I bet if you ask a book smart nurse that question I'm sure she'll say "I never needed that so there for I forgot it". So tell me again why does A's B's or C's matter, if you pass you pass, you learn way more when your on your unit working as anurse not just as a student. So every one give your self a pat on the back because we are all working hard... nursing school is hard, don't make it any more harder!
  9. by   Squeeta2
    Individuality...wow..now theres a thought. It is what makes people excel or fail in all areas of life. It is also what makes nursing such an inspiring field yes? Patients & Nurses alike. Lets forget about book vs common sense...what I want is a confident and competent nurse. I have never had a pt ask me what my grades were and I have never asked another nurse what their grades were like in school. Ability and performance are what counts.
  10. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    I never posted in this thread saying that C nurses should not be proud of passing- I posted my own experiences of C students at my particular school being hateful and nasty to the A students. I'd appreciate not being put down or insulted by someone who only skimmed my post and does not know what I actually said.

    I stick by my statement that only people who make poor grades say that good grades don't matter.I have worked with and gone to school with people who flunked out of nursing school and who are constantly saying that "grades don't matter" "education is just a peice of paper" and other self-justifying statements.- They are always trying to minimize and disregard the achievements of others because of their own feelings of failure and jealousy. This is a common defense mechanism. And, frankly, it's getting really old.

    The nursing program I attended was small and intimate- we all knew what was going on with each other, each others study habits, social lives, etc. And the C students in my program did not try as hard and were mean to the A students. In group projects, the better students always ended up carrying them. They did not pull their weight. Several were always trying to pressure me into giving them copies of my notes and care-plans. Most of them were just plain not very bright.

    Trying your best and getting a C is not the same as being lazy, getting a C, and putting down those who've done better.

    I have so much sympathy for the classmate who spent three days in Vegas just before the final exam, then whined and cried about how unfair it was that she failed.

    And yes, some posters here stated that grades do not make any difference as long as you pass. One stated that making an A in A&P "doesn't mean s$%."

    I think that the A&P students that I tutor would beg to differ.

    If an A were no better than a C, classes would be "pass-fail."

    Some people will always minimize the achievements of others in order to justify their own mediocrity.
  11. by   iliel
    you can stand by your belief and that's no skin off my back but I'm sitting here today, telling you that grades do not always matter to me. I refuse to kill myself over a freakin A. I am an A student and I get the feeling you think because I say grades don't matter then therefore I must be happy with mediocrity. That's crap! I don't try to take away from other when they get good grades and I don't look down my nose at thoes who do get C's.
    There is so much more I could say here but you ppl just aren't listening and believe that you are right so I'll let you own that!

  12. by   Ortho_RN
    You know this thread goes nowhere... Some people are so closed minded that they don't/can't/won't see other peoples view points and leave it at that..
  13. by   BETSRN
    I have never heard that before. I think it takes any nurse from whatever training she comes from a while to become a good, competent clinical nurse. Sadly, a lot of nursing school concentrate on the academics (which are of course very important) and give their students the feeling that the clinical skills are secondary. I think that's a very unfortunate approach.

    I do think that some are cut out to be nurses and some are not, though.

    Good luck to all of you students here! We were all students once upon a time! :hatparty: