Ideas Needed

  1. Ok... I am secretary and helping with the fundraising in our Local SNA chapter..

    I am going to do a Back-to-School basket and raffle it off for our first SNA meeting.... We start on August 18th... First meeting is the 25th, so I will have over to get "rafflers"

    I need help coming up with what all to go into it..... This is what I have so far...

    Black/Blue Ink Pens
    Index Cards
    mini stapler and staples
    Post it Notes and tabs
    Pocket folders
    Small pocket size note pad

    What else???? And what should I use to put it in?? Just a regular basket or something more school related?

    Thanks for any help
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  3. by   memphispanda
    Put it in a backpack! That would be really cute!

    How about:
    3 hole punch--the binder type
    calculator/or clipboard with built-in calculator
    Multicolor Sharpies
  4. by   essarge
    Clear report covers are always useful
  5. by   essarge
    Oh! And how about a nursing diagnosis book, perhaps carpenito or another that may help with nursing care plans.
  6. by   fnimat1
    How about putting in a book that applies to nursing "Chicken Soup For The Nurse's Soul",etc. and some know how much he/she will be washing her The bookbag idea is great...but if you should choose to do it in a basket...make sure it's a basket that he/she can use again at home...and for the cellophane, shredding and bows...put them in the school colors. HTH

    Fatima (can you tell how much I want to be a nursing
  7. by   dianacs
    Snacks or hot chocolate mix are always popular. (With me, anyway lol). Or perhaps a gift certificate to a local uniform store. Even a small one could go towards a stethoscope tag or one of those cool clipboards or something like that.
  8. by   debralynn

    You can also get a PDR for around $7.00. I found it helpful to have several different PDR's because of the different info that was in them on same drugs.

    white shoe polish for clinicals
  9. by   LynnZ
    Backpack is good, but I am working at the hospital this summer and a patient made me a lined bag with pockets inside it and embroidered my name on the has been so nice to have! Then save the money for the things inside. How about a watch on a lanyard? I went through 6 wristwatches before I got this. All the handwashing ruins the wrist watches or ruins my wrist. Really good quality soaps. I like the small rings that hold about 50 little notecards (about 1" x 2") to put terms and definitions on. You can bring them along to study anywhere.
  10. by   gwenith
    Examination survival pack!!!

    I small pack chamomile tea - to calm nerves
    Some Lavender - to reduce stress
    An aromatherapy candle for "inspiration"

    and finally

    A huge block of chocolate and a big bottle of coffee!