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I was just frowned upon by an old classmate. this is a long one so getready. in high school i wasnt a very serious student, i barely went to school, and barely graduated on time. anyway i am at... Read More

  1. by   MandyInMS
    Saw her @ KMart ya say? oh my, such a superior person was seen in such an average store?-gaspz-.....))))))) Clean Up On Isle 3(((((((( ...hehe
    You did the right thing sweetie ...would depend on what mood I was in at the time as to my reaction..lawdy help her if I were PMS'n
  2. by   katscan
    My, My, My, Such restraint! And SUCH class!!!

  3. by   Edward,IL
    Excellent response.
    Hellllllonurse has an excellent response.
    We ARE seeing what happens in hospitals as there are fewer nurses and more MD's (increased incidence of infection, increased medication errors, etc)

    It's always after a confrontation like this that you think of the right thing to say. To prepare yourself for next time:
    Read the U.K. nursing journals or visit their websites. Find out about Dr. Beverly Malone R.N., PhD. She is an African-American nurse with quite a distinguished career in this country (educator, researcher, published, past president of ANA, etc). The Royal College of Nursing recruited her to help them now.
    "Yes, I will be going 'all the way'. Nursing is my chosen profession."

    I once had a similar experience. My response: I chose and continue to choose Nursing. I'd rather die poor and famous like Teresa of Calcutta than rich and famous like you!
    Just my opinion, Edward, IL