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Hello to all, I need help. I have registered to take A&P I and Microbiology this fall. Is this a smart move. I work full time from 8a-5p m-f and my classes will be m-th from 6 til 8. Not to mention... Read More

  1. by   Roxie187
    peggysue-no Micro is not a prereq for those classes, but I am taking the NLN test (National League for Nursing) in September and they prefer to have the science classes completed with at least a C. Mine won't be completed but my advisor said that I could report my mid-term grade and it may help me with getting accepted into the nursing program in the Spring.
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    Originally posted by SC RN
    Personally, I wouldn't recommend it but everyone can handle different things. I am an "A" student and there is no way I could have done my A&P and Micro during the same semester. If you can wait, I'd take one now (along with maybe an easier required class) and the other next semester.

    Just my two cents. Good luck with whatever you choose. :kiss
    im also an a student and I'm not going to be doing that. I'm going to take Micro now, then A&P in spring then start clinicals after that
  3. by   Born2BAnurse
    I tried to take A&PII and Micro at the same time.. I was 8 months pregnant not working but had children at home.. I had to drop one of them.. it was TOUGH!!! If you are well disciplined You can do it but it will be VERY VERY DIFFICULT and you work a fulltime job.. ITs TOUGH!
  4. by   janis9799
    I took a Chemistry class and A&P I last fall. It was really hard, and required alot of work and dedication. I had got B's in both and missed an A by a percentage point in both classes. I think it would have been easier had I not had two professors who had such awful teaching styles. Not just me who thought this, all of the students in both classes thought this.And I was one of the top students in both of these classes. My chem teacher if you asked him to explain something would just repeat it the same way he taught it the first time. I so badly wanted to say to him,"I am not deaf, I just didn't understand the way you explained it." He was very arrogant and thought nursing students were kind of stupid since most of us were wanna be nursing student. He once said, "You pre nursing students will probably have to go to the math lab, you guys always have trouble with the math." eek: I once joked with him he better never get sick because there would be plenty of nurses in the future who would be oh so happy to treat him.:roll My A&P teacher would answer a specific question by saying,"Well could be or maybe." Ugh. Never could get a committed answer from her. Her notes never had anything to do with the tests. She would teach everything very basically, in basic language and then the tests would be worded in a cranial way (and I am no dope) so that you wouldn't quite understand what she was asking. Lots of her tests came from other books because there were tons of times the questions to things hadn't been talked about in the book. We all believed that someone else was writing her tests. Basically, everything I learned in A&P was from the book on my own. So much so when I had to take her for A &P II I wound up having severe reoccurring bronchitis most of this winter. I missed nine classes and wound up with the second highest grade in the class which was an A. She was really nice, but a totally ditz. Enough of that vent LOL!

    So yes two sciences can be done. You may want to just cry a few times because of how hard you have to work at it, but it can be done if you are a serious student. I promised myself no more double science classes in a semester. I would wind up killing someone if I had to do that again. I do think alot of it had to do with my professors though. I am taking Micro this semester and my friend said he is an awesome teacher.
  5. by   marilynmom

    That reminds me of my Chem instructor I had this summer. He was really an a** half the time. God forbid you did not understand a question, he would just say "well we talked about this yesterday" or "it is in the book" and then just repeat what he said yesterday with no clarification. We had 2 people get so mad at him they actually got up and walked out of the class (of course that pissed him off even more) after asking him a question and he said that to him.

    I did someHOW manage to get an A, but ya it is so true about who teaches the class. Some just do not want you to make a good grade at all.

  6. by   Roxie187
    Thank you all for you replies. All my prereqs are done but my science classes. I really wanted to get them out the way. I guess I may just take a medical terminology class or something or maybe just that one class. I don't know! I will keep you guys posted. Again....thanks so much. Everyone's feedback is really helping me to make my decision. Well I have 20 more days before school starts back! Pray for me ya'll!!!!!
  7. by   Cynthiann
    After reading all these posts, I'm trying to not let you guys scare me since I'm taking 3 science classes this fall. I'm taking Anatomy, Zoology, and Chemistry, with English comp II on top of that. At least I know that I've always been good in sciences or I wouldn't of enrolled in so many sciences. I will be very busy this fall!
  8. by   Rhoresmith
    If you can memorize well and allot at once you could do it. I just took A&Pl in 8 week class (16 in 8 ) and it was awful. Only you know how well you memorize and study and commit and how much time you can ignore and for how long you can do this to your family. My husband and kids lasted 3 mos (Spring semester 17 crdt hours) then they started complaining you never cook I don't want to do the laundry, why can't you take me, You always have your nose in a book ETC so be prepared and Good Luck

  9. by   PSUNURS05
    Last fall I took the following....Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology all with labs....My anatomy lecture and lab were on tuesdays and thursdays at penn state altoona (where I worked as a pt staff assistant) and my physiology class was on those days too....Monday I had a micro lecture and physiology lab at penn state main campus (about a 40 minute drive from my home and about an hours and 15 minute drive from penn state altoona...after my physiology lab which ended at 12:05pm I rushed to my car and drove to Altoona for my 1:30-2:50 micro lab ( i started work at 3pm and finished at 9 at altoona). Wednesday I didn't have physiology lab but still had micro lecture at Upark so same thing except I had a little more time to get to my micro lab at altoona....I worked m-thurs from 3-9. I am not married and have no children....I ended up with A in Anatomy (lecture and lab were one class) A in physiology lecture and lab and C in micro lab and C+ in micro lecture....It was alot, but I got into nursing school with it....thank god......