I Just Cant Get This Critical Thinking Down!

  1. Ok Here I go again for everyone that knows me and those that dont. I just took a test yesterday and Im STRESSED!!! I hate sitting and waiting to find out if I passed or not! MY question is why is it soo hard for me to get this CRITICAL thinking DOWN to a science! WHen your taking a nursing exam and there are 4 choices multiple choice, is there always two wrong answers and two anwers that could be the right answer? Im soo confused and scared If I cant pass my exams in school then there is no need to continue on. what am I doing wrong. and why is it that after I get up from a exam the right answers come to me!!! can someone help me
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  3. by   krissypoo
    maybe you are just a bad test taker. You weren't too specific as to what you were refering to, but i assume your general courses? You have the wrong person here if you aree referring to clinicals, i haven't started mine so.,...
    if you have nhaving problems, you should get some help. Does your school offer tutors? Check out some books on the subject......relaxation / memorization-as far as why you remember the answers later- i would guess its anxiety to taking the test- i go through this but i have begun to really take my time on tests- useing as much time as i am allowed- this way i go through the matgerial i know forsure, and eventually come back to the ones i have questions about- works great with fill in the blanks- usually can find connective info throughout the test- you have to use what works best for you, experiment.....but relax and focus on what you are doing at the present moment. As far as your m/c question....it has been my experience that it depends on the teacher....some make it very easy on you- with only one obvious choice while others through in 1 or 2 different words then the other options- you know, to throw you....its all part of the game, get to know the types of tests your teacher gives- most have a specific style. Other than that- good luck to you!!!!!
  4. by   RN_N_05
    I get very nervous taking tests. I just have to tell myself to remember to breathe, and to take my time. I have found that the critical thinking thing just takes time to develop. One thing I was told to do (and you may already do it), is to read the question with the answers covered up, and try to figure out the answer. If it matches - great, if not, see if anything is close. I just finished my 2nd semester of nursing classes and I went into each exam a little more relaxed. Also, you might want to try talking to your teacher and explaining that you know the answers when you leave. They might have some other tips for you (relaxing or whatever). Good luck, and don't give up!
  5. by   Todd SPN
    I can relate. What worked for me was looking at the possible answers and eliminate the wrong ones first. I'd look at each answer and if I saw a flaw in the wording or theory it was dismissed. That usually left two possibles. Often times I would get the wrong answer because I read too much into one of the answers. Fatal mistake, you should only go by what is stated in the answer. If you pick up a NCLEX study guide with the CD and use the practice tests you will start to see a pattern on how to answer these questions and it will help you in your current area of study.
  6. by   peaceful
    Practice test questions whenever possible. It is a skill that you get better at. Most nursing tests questions make two answers seem correct out of the possible choices. If you know your stuff, you can eliminate incorrect and get to the correct fairly quickly. The bookstore is filled with subject matter and practice tests depending on which subject you are studying at the moment. For example in med surge, get "Med-surge Made Easy." These books are a short hand version of your textbook & point the way to the important information one must know, just as your teacher is pointing out same info in lectures. Pay attn in the lectures, usually direct you to what will be on exam. Tape lectures, listen back again, read your text, read the "made easy" books, do practice tests, and bet ya will get an easy "A." This method worked for me. Don't give up! Tell us what you got on your latest exam? Did you do okay?
  7. by   suzy253
    When I first starting nursing school last year on my first few tests I didn't score as high as I thought I should have--all that critical thinking which I didn't have down pat yet. but it's true for me anyway that you can usually eliminate two answers straight away but then you're left with two very possible answers. Somehow it came to me--a key word or something that you'll just pick up and then you'll see the correct answer. Don't get discouraged!
  8. by   Jill1215
    enie, meanie, miney , moe?

    When all else fails revert to kindergarten! Let me know if you figure out how to choose between the two best answers. I find myself doing the above more than I should
  9. by   Chaya
    We were told when you got it down to two answers, go with the one that involved empowering the patient to participate in his/her care- like educating him re: his dietary restriction, then presenting him with suitable menu choices vs. just putting the meal in front of him.
  10. by   francine79
    Pay attention to key words in the questions and answers. And try to prioritize the answers. Our nursing tests are always like that. Here are a couple of examples:

    You have a patient with multiple myeloma. Which is the most important nursing intervention?

    A. Provide plenty of fluids ( to prevent hypercalcemia)
    B. Continuously administer pain medications. (mulitple myeloma is very painful)

    Even though they are both right, you wouldn't continuously administer pain meds. What if they aren't really having pain. So the correct answer would be A.

    Your patient returns from a cardiac catheterization. Which is the most important nursing intervention?

    A. Monitor pulses and circulation distal to the insertion site of the catheter.
    B. Monitor I & O. (the dye used is an osmotic diuretic.)

    They are both right, but monitoring for a clot is more important than monitoring I & O.

    Don't know if that really helps or not. I know taking tests like that are pretty hard. However, you'll be thankful when it comes to the boards because you will be used to it. Good luck!
  11. by   nontrad1964

    This is my first post and I hope it helps.

    There are a few things I do in testing.

    1: I always read the questiong 2 times. I have missed "except" and wasted valuable time trying to find the best of when I did not need to.

    2: REad every word of the possible answer. If the symptom is hypertension and one of the choices if hypotension, you can rule it out.

    3: Process of elimination on the ones that you know dont fit so focus on the ones that do.

    I am always one of the last ones out of a test and used to feel as if I were slow, but I get good grades so dont let it bother me. Doing well and keeping up my grade is more important than a long smoke break anyday.