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hmmmm...i bet you're wonder what this thread is all about??? :rotfl: my chemistry class is sooooo hard. i'm seriously worried about nursing school. how is nursing school compared to... Read More

  1. by   lunakat
    I feel for you and know what you're going through. Last fall I took Chem. and though I was going to die. I had done well in all me pre-reqs but Chem. was horrible. I had never had Chem. in High School so I didn't know what Chem. really was. I read the book, bought the dummies and read that too and still had a hard time. I just didn't understand half of what he was talking about (found out later that even though it was an intro class he taught it like we already had it, and was giving us way to much info). I cried and stressed so much because I was determined to pass that class. No one did well in his class. He let us do open book and Internet test and no one ever made an A. In fact by the time the semester was over there were only 4 of us left. That being said he was a nice teacher. I got a tutor (who unfortunately spoke little English) and met my instructor whenever I could. I passed with a c and I am sure you will pass too. The only thing I can say is seek out whatever help you can and remember that this class shall pass and I am sure you will too... Good luck....