I graduated May 2006 and no LPN job still. Very sad :(

  1. I graduated in May 2006..There were no interviews and no job offers..The worst thing about it that I am unemployed and have no income..Very sad
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  3. by   Chicklet2
    Hey where are you from??? Here in Canada there is such a shortage that they are now hiring RN's to do the LPN job.. Here u can basically get a job wherever u want. Hang in there.... Also did u try just sending your resume to every add u see??
  4. by   locolorenzo22
    What did you do to search? Are there local cities nearby that you can commute to? Keep looking, and give us some idea of what your employment area looks like. Also, do you think it may be a resume issue? If it looks unprofessional, you're less likely to get a callback.
  5. by   allthingsbright
    Sorry to hear that...

    What about working on your RN while you wait? Is that an option? Also, I know you could work as a CNA/PCT. Can you go to the school you graduated from and get some job placement assistance?