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I didnt get the letter... So I always have that to make me depressed another day. The college called me to report that I did not make it in. I am on the Waiting List for placement. They assured... Read More

  1. by   Jen2
    Sorry to hear that. I know how you feel. I also was denied a spot last year, but made it this year. Don't give up and there is a reason for everything. Keep with it and let us know if anyone drops. I'll be praying with you that someone does. Best of luck.
  2. by   Nurse_RaRa
    I love ice cream. I have great memories of my parents taking us to BR after pizza and even my sorority gals and I would do BR runs and made up a song about it!

    I'm nervous about not getting accepted also (this DEC). but if it happens - I'll take some classes over again and try again - success = persistance and determination.
  3. by   rnnurse2be
    RA RA: Are you trying for MSU Bozeman, to finish in Kalispell Too?
    YOU going to FVCC at the Libby campus?
  4. by   dosamigos76
    I just read your post about adopting the girl from Russia. Isn't it amazing how things are working for you? The other posters were right about God having a plan for you... Congratulations on your new daughter.
  5. by   rnnurse2be
    It is tough not getting in, but its an amazing thing to think about getting a daughter. Im so excited and scared at the same time!

    We have begun remodeling our home, and it shall continue through October! YIKES... and with school on top of that! YUCK!

    Im excited about that too, our families seem to be onboard with the adoption, and when questioned about school, I tell them honestly. I'll finish w/ 2 two year degrees and have a year off before beginning nursing. At that point, she will be about 2, and our oldest son will be 12! He can watch her for the 3 hours I am gone a few days a week. I can still have our neighbor girl come over to help with her and our youngest son, who will then be 10.

    I dont want our then 12 yr old to have the burden of caring for both, thats not fair.

    If its Gods will, then it will all work out for the best.
  6. by   dosamigos76
    I'm really excited for your adoption! We adopted three special needs kids in addition to our two birth kids. It's such an exciting time.
    Cindy, I also agree with your decision not to have your 12yo watching both sibs. My only caution would be to not depend on him to watch the 2yo for the three hours a few days a week. Maybe there is a good daycare or a church or something. That's a lot of responsibility-especially when it's a sib. I've found that occasionally having a sib watch another is fine, but consistently it usually backfires...just my $.02
    Congrats again.
  7. by   rnnurse2be
    no no no... I would NEVER just leave my 12 yr old with TWO younger siblings for that long. Way to muchg responsibility.
    There would be a 16 yr old girl there to be the main "babysitter".
    Its just that a 10 and 12 yr old dont need as much watching.

    Please dont misunderstand, I wouldnt jepardize any of my kids..
  8. by   dosamigos76
    Sorry if I misunderstood. I climbing the walls waiting for my acceptance letter. Heck, I'm even working on med math for something to do.......
    Congrats again! Adopting is so much fun! One lesson I learned and I don't know if it applies to your situation or not, but the first day home from picking up our newest son/daughter we go to the Doctor's office for a complete physical. That's how we found out one of our kids was in congestive heart failure and another child had an (previously unkown to us) cataract from birth... Just a bit of insurance for your family.
  9. by   rnnurse2be
    I appreciate ALL infor regarding adoptions. Being VERY new to this situation, all info helps.

    I am planning on talking with our Ped. before we go, to see what he has to say.. any advice ect... And fully intend to bring her to him asap once home, whether that be that same day, or the next. However that works out. We work very closely w/ our Ped for our children now (since birth) and this one would be no different.

    Did you adopt internationally, or domestically? Feel free to PM me, as I said any advice is appreciated!