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I didnt get the letter... So I always have that to make me depressed another day. The college called me to report that I did not make it in. I am on the Waiting List for placement. They assured... Read More

  1. by   ggfifirn05
    Connie, I know exactly what you are feeling right now. Try to keep focused on your goal, and heed the advise of the rest of the posters; we are here for you. You have done your best, and that's all anyone can ask of themselves. Chances are someone that did get in will have to drop out, and then you will get your chance.

    Be gentle with yourself; you are NOT a failure, and haven't let anyone down. Now would be the perfect time to treat yourself...get a manicure, rent a movie you've been wanting to see, meet a friend for a nice lunch. Your time will come, when the time is right!
  2. by   CVnurse08
    Sorry to hear that but bring out the chocolate, girl. It'll solve any problems !!! (handing Baby Ruth bar your way)
  3. by   kwagner_51

    The exact same thing happened to me!!! I wasn't allowed to even register for classes in the Fall because I had a D in Intermediate Algebra! After i got my grade-C- I went in and talked to my Nursing advisor. There was a waiting list, 30 people ahead of me who were allowed to register at mid-term. I asked if there were classes I could take that were medically oriented because I didn't want to waste the yr. on junk classes that had the potiential to mess up my GPA. She suggested Surgical Tech.

    The lady I needed to talk to wasn't in so I came home and looked thru the info. It was a 1 yr. program and would have helped advance my career. I went in on the following Monday to talk to her. Before I did, however, I asked the Chair of nursing if I had made it into the program. She said YES!! I cried, Right there in her office!!

    They also told me earlier that my GPA was not high enough I have a 2.8 because I have another AS degree from this University.

    I still quake in my boots thinking that 30 people FAILED after being in the program. I think they may have been pre-reqs but I'm not sure.

    Someone on this board has a saying that I took and changed just a little:

    When God leads you to it.... He WILL lead you through it!!

    I have four children and a dh. I had to tell them TWICE that I hadn't made it into the program. Once at mid term and again after I got my final grades!

    I know how you feel and I hope I gave you some encouragement. Email me at kwagner@wvc.net if you wish.

  4. by   Mandylpn
    Connie: I am sorry! that is the route I wanted to go first, RN, but then to find out the competition is so high! You are right , so you wait a year and then what? that's why I switched to LPN program. Believe me it was the biggest let down the day I dropped chemistry I felt about an inch tall. don't give up!!!!!!!
  5. by   rnnurse2be
    Have I told you people how much you all mean to me? I mean, what AWESOME support! I just finished telling my parents, they were both supportive. My dad almost got upset when I told him I felt like a failure. He said " you pulled your GPA from a 1.5 to a
    3.1 by getting almost all A's, that is NOT failure"

    Thanks for all the chocolate sent my way. My Dh brought the whole family to Baskin Robbins (quite the treat for a Dairy Queen guy). I got 2 scoops of yummy chocolate *which I never allow myself to get* and then he took us for a drive and then picked up dinner. A very good friend brought over colorful daisies and when she left my Dh said "I would have gotten you flowers, but didnt have any money". Love.... I could feel it.

    We will wait and see. I'll finish my pre reqs and get them done with, and get an AA and AAS degree out of it before any big decisions have to be made. There is a school, but its a little over an hour away. I live in NW Montana and roads can be BAD in the winter. That is our other option. Im scared because of all the major planning that would need to be in place. My Dh works at 6am and how do the boys get to school? What happens if they get sick... ect... BUT, I'll cross that road when it gets here I suppose.

    ANOTHER THING: We are thinking of adopting a Russian baby girl. Who knows, maybe God planned it this way so I could have some time w/ her BEFORE my nursing courses began.
    I dunno...still have a headache, but know that life isnt over either. There are many, many worse things that could happen.
  6. by   debralynn
    Give your dad a big kiss from me! What a sweetheart!!!!
  7. by   l_wheat
    Hi, sorry you didnt get in, ask your counselor at your school if its possible to get your bad grades taken off of your record, I know that at my school if you have a D or an F thats more than 2 years old you can get it them taken off of your record. So give it a shot, good luck.
  8. by   rnnurse2be
    l wheat, I WISH that was the case. These grades are from 12+ years ago when I was stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! They told me that the transcript will go w/ me forever. So, Im stuck with them. I redid two classes to change the grades. They were ones that needed to be better for the nursing program anyways. Oh well, tis life and I've learned this lesson the hard way. Thats why I am a huge advocate of getting my butt to class and pushing that those who are younger NOT make my mistakes. Sometimes, you Can learn from the mistakes of others....

    DebraLynn: I know, he was soooo sweet (which isnt normally him). If he didnt live in AZ, I would have cried on his shoulder... and gave him a hug. It was what I needed to hear too....
  9. by   caligirl
    Oh Connie!! I am so sorry!!! That sucks... Are you pretty high up on the waiting list? I have heard that a lot of people do drop out though so hopefully you can get in that way. I had a friend who got in on the waiting list (and actually ended up dropping so there is another spot!) so it is possible!!

  10. by   rnnurse2be
    Im not really sad anymore, my priority points were high she said, it was my GPA...
    We are going to adopt from Russia, and I believe this is how it was meant to be. If I reapply next year, I would have a full year home with the baby (all my pre reqs would be DONE) and then start up when the family life is back to normal.

    This is how I believe it was supposed to be... bumms me still, but if I try to look at the bigger picture, its for the better!
  11. by   Nurse_RaRa
    OMGoodness - Are you in Kalispell? That's the only Baskin Robbins in NW Montana!! I'm in Libby!!!!
  12. by   rnnurse2be
    Yes, RaRa... we are in Kalispell! You must be a HUGE Basking Robbins Fan to know where they are located!

    Small world out there isnt it?!!:roll
  13. by   caligirl
    Hey! We have one in Great Falls. haha...