Human AP I classes.

  1. Does anyone have any hints to get through Human AP I? My professor is just plain hard to learn from. He started lecturing on cellular metabolism and I was lost. It has been 17 years since I sat in a classroom and I am managing with a C in his class, but that isn't really what I was hoping for. I have him in my lab class too and I thought they would correspond but they don't. We studied tissues in lab first, but then went on with cells in lecture until we finished the chapter. Almost everyone makes a C or less in his class and the age range is huge, so that isn't the problem. I am just so frustrated because I am doing well in all my other classes, and his are the ones that bring me to tears. Any suggestions?

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  3. by   wsiab
    A&P are challenging courses. If you have a hard time learning from this teacher, try meeting with him or her outside of class to discuss specific things you don't understand, or see if there is anyone tutoring the course (especially if they have taken the course with that particular instructor).

    One of my highschool science teachers made us study study skills and notetaking, I hated it at the time. He gave me a pearl of wisdom that I can say got me successfully through school, especially through classes with particularly difficult instructors.
    1) only take notes on one side of the page
    2) use the reverse side of the page for two things:
    a) notes to yourself while studying/input from the text
    b) statements the instructor makes in class along the lines of "remember this it will be on the test" "I can always remember this one because" and questions the instructor asks the class to engage them during lecture "can anyone tell me" etc. Use these questions and comments as part of your study guide.

    I did rely well in courses where most of the class got c's or lower. About 80% of my comment and question notes wound up on tests, this helped me a lot.
  4. by   StudentSandra
    As you know A&P is a hard class, but I think once you're past this tissue part it willl get much easier, not a cake walk, but easier all the same. Does your book have a web site or CD, use them. Also the anatomy coloring book is a big help, at least it was for me. If your book doesn't have a website let me know & I'll post a link for a couple A&P books that I have used. Good luck.
  5. by   bonnielynn

    Thanks for the great advice. Yes, I have the CD's and I watch them. They are a bit of help. Actually I think the tissue part might be easier to me than the cell stuff. I don't know.
  6. by   Ortho_RN

    You don't by any chance go to UAFS and have Dr. Nelson??? I didn't have him but a friend of mine did... And your description sounds alot like him..
  7. by   bonnielynn
    I am from Corning and I go to the technical college in Pocahontas. I have Dr. Roger Johnson. But maybe they have the same reputation. LOL! All of his students, past and present, have said that he is really hard and that you tend to get lost in his class easily.
  8. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Maybe this seems an obviouse question but does he provide a studyguide? Can the answers to his test questions be found just by interpreting the concepts he has deemed important enough to put in it?

    I know that a teacher can write test questions that don't match the style you would write them in. I had a biology teacher like that. He could take a very simple concept and tweak it just so. You could never recognize even what he was asking! He didn't have a studyguide(thank God. That would have sucked) and we were tested over four chapters at a time.

    This is what I did to overcome his "flare"

    I designed my own test questions based on his hide-and-go-seek style of testing. I have used this method on flashcards ever since. I simply gleen my topics and main ideas in lecture directly and try to make harder tests than my instuctors. It's seemed to work so far.

    For the identification of tissues I memorized the pictures in the lab manual like I would a suspects face in a lineup. All he can do is put the cell or the tissue on the slide and ask you to identify it. Your lab manual will or should have those same cells.

    Good luck

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  9. by   Pharmcrazy
    I used these books "A&P the easy way" and Cliff's savers in my opinion. :chuckle
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Although I did not use it, I believe there is an A&P coloring book to help you to learn this information better. The cliff notes sounds like a great idea, I know they have helped me in English Lit I.

    I am so glad I have finished A&P I and II, and of course Micro as seperate courses!


  11. by   Mkue
    A&P Incredibly Easy and Cliff notes are very helpful as Pharmcrazy stated.

    The info in the coloring books is very helpful.
  12. by   bonnielynn
    I thank you all for the great advice, which I will use. Oh well someone said that a nurse who makes C's is still a nurse. We have a test on tissue and skin next week. I hope to do well. It just takes time and concentration and LOTS of studying and dedication.
  13. by   donnaste
    Oh I remember A & P. We had a coloring book also, that I never used. I would suggest a tape recorder. A small cheap version you can play in your car. I took the class twice, passed it with a high B!! The first time it was way over my head. The second I invested in a tape recorder and caught quite a few things I missed the first time. My anatomy teacher was great. If you asked her a question she would make sure you understood the answer. Take advantage of any opportunity you have to talk with your teach, too. Hang in there it does get easier
    The systems do tend to go a lot quicker, though.
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