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  1. by   Kendel.G
    I've never even been on a date. Never been kissed. No guy on the horizon.
    School school school school school.
    And repeat till there is an RN behind my name.
  2. by   katinthehat29
    Quote from Kendel.G
    I've never even been on a date. Never been kissed. No guy on the horizon.
    School school school school school.
    And repeat till there is an RN behind my name.
    Well, I've been on dates, been kissed, but that last part? PREACH IT, SISTER.

    Lol first thought when I saw this thread, "Dating? What's that?"

    OH YEAH, it's just one more thing I don't have time for. Ever.
  3. by   kins13
    My dating life is awesome. On weeks I have tests, he helps quiz me and study, he always makes sure I have my homework done and getting good grades. If we have a two time span between both our busy schedules we either call each other or grab a quick bite to eat. We've dated 6.5 years, both in school full time and have part time jobs, which I work overnights and live an hour apart. When you really care for someone, you make your relationship work with the time you have. I don't see myself going through nursing school without his support.
  4. by   CDub72
    @ NO50FRANNY
    I think your date probably found your conversation stimulating, and viewed you as a "challenge"... Im sure since he's still calling it wasnt as bad as you thought it was! Good Luck
  5. by   CrimsonAlchemist
    I've been lucky to have a wonderful fiancee that understands how important nursing school is to me. I find time to study while I'm spending time with him. It's hard, but it works. I graduate in December and we're planning a wedding for next June. Most of the planning will happen after graduation! <3
  6. by   FLmed
    Quote from Bortaz, RN
    My wife was selfish and wouldn't let me date. :/
    Laugh out loud
  7. by   FLmed
    Quote from man-nurse2b
    I am curious, is there anyone who nursing ambitions caused divorce or breakups? I'm married, but just doing prereqs put it nicely...difficult and stressful! I dont see how we will survive me going to nursing school.
    We had 2 nursing students in my nursing program who ended up divorced. :-(. It's tough for everybody involved. It puts strains on all of your relationships, even with your kids.
  8. by   NightNerd
    Quote from caleyjo21
    I met my husband during nursing school. He knew up front that it may be difficult to get together and do things due to my clinicals and demanding schedule. However, we made it work. He was a farmer and was always busy as well. So if we wanted to see each other I had to go see him, he lived an hour away. So I would load up whatever study material i had and go wherever he was driving the tractor at and ride with him while talking and studying. It worked out well for both school and our relationship. We got engaged a year after we met, and married after I graduated nursing school. It is tough but doable when you have someone who understands your goals and is willing to make compromises!
    Caleyjo21, I have a feeling that this will be a common date night in my future, lol! My boyfriend lives on a farm and loves his tractors, so that sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening with him.

    He and I have been together for over four years. We're trying to decide whether to get married before I start the program next spring or wait until I get out in two years. Either way is a challenge I'm happy to take on to hang on to him. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, so he knows he owes me one as far as understanding and support go, haha. But I know he gets it about hard classes and crazy schedules, so I think we're gonna be OK.
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  9. by   yvonne131321
    we scheduled time for each other everyday from 9pm to 12pm and we just make that time about each other and saturdays we see each other all day no books no phones no nothing.
  10. by   witty_online_moniker
    Two words: Time Management.

    I'm a single parent in my second year of nursing school and it is a bit of a balancing act, but I have a social life, a dating life, and I'm pulling A's in my program. I use my time wisely during the week so that I can relax and be social on the weekends. I actually have more free time as a single parent than I did when I was still married. (I got divorced right before I started nursing school.)

    I usually have 2, sometimes 3 kid-free nights a week and I keep one for myself, one for friends, and one for dates. My last relationship was fine with just seeing me one night a week and chatting briefly in between. He was a single parent too, so his availability was just as limited as mine. Currently dating casually, so seeing someone once a week is just right at the moment. I could see how it might strain a relationship if you were used to spending far more time together as a couple.
  11. by   ChesterMcE89
    My girlfriend and I met IN nursing school! We started dating in first semester and here we are, in our last semester of the program and we're still goin strong. It has been amazing!. We get to spend a lot of time together and we both understand the stressors of school, which we help each other out with.
  12. by   CajunChickenAlfredo
    Right here... LOL
  13. by   studentnursemon86
    Married but I only really get to spend quality time with my husband once a week.