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I am just so confused on what to do right now. I am in A&P I and failing. I understand the info but my professor writes REALLY hard exams. I do well in lab but it is just his exams that get me. I... Read More

  1. by   Jen2
    My Anatomy and Phys were two separate classes. They were both really tough. My professor was great because the highest grade on his exams was usually a 58%-65%. Therefore if you made a 58% you got an A and so on. He knew how hard his class was and graded on a major curve. How is everyone else in the class doing? I don't think they can fail an entire class. If you find others are doing fine get a tutor. I will be entering the ADN program this fall and I can say that I honestly did not have a life during pre-reqs. I worked 40 hours a week and studied, attended class, and was tutored when I wasn't at work or sleeping for my usual 3 hours per night. I am a strong believer in the tutoring system. In my first college math class I was ashamed to go to tutoring and got a C. I got over that real quick, when I took my Algedbra class I was tutored and got an A. Same with Chem, I didn't even wait until the first assignment was due before I signed up for tutoring. I pulled a B+ (arggghhh), but I had a really tough time even with tutoring, however I would have failed for sure without it. Good luck to you and hang in there. Please go for tutoring it will make all the difference in the world I promise.
  2. by   Momto2Boys

    I did go to tutoring and it didn't help. Only because the other students are always trying to outsmart the tutor.
  3. by   Cynthiann
    Like someone else suggested, maybe because it's a summer class it's hard to keep up and retain all the info. You may do better in a regular semester class. I'm taking A&P right now and more than half the class has already dropped out of it.

    It depends on the person too. Like myself, I'm naturally good in science/math, always easy A's for me, it's one of the reason I went into healthcare. But if it didn't come so natural to me, there is no way I would take it in a summer course and I would probably also use a tutor also.

    I would say, audit the class so you can still learn something and then retake it in the fall. I think you will do much better then.
  4. by   Jen2
    Wow! How about asking your professor if maybe he can arrange for someone who is in your class and is doing really well to tutor you one on one? Your professor will appreciate the initiative and maybe help find someone for one on one, or even dedicate 20 minutes b4 or after class personally to you. It doesn't hurt to try. Even though I had an extreme amount of tutoring in Chem, I still visited my professor b4 and after each lecture to make sure I had the general idea, then I would go over it with my tutor. I also made appointments with him after each exam, and we'd go over what I'd missed. He would give me extra problems on the ones I missed on the exams, this helped out so much when it came time for the final because it was cumulative. Whatever you do don't give up because you can do it.
  5. by   Momto2Boys
    I have received so much great advise here. I already emailed my prof and he wants me to stay in the class and he thinks I can pull it off.
  6. by   nurse2be in ny
    Go for it, then, and good luck!