How to deal with a loud/mouthy fellow student

  1. So I am in my first semester as a nursing student only 8 weeks left to go!! So fingers crossed I continue passing woohoo anyways, my reason for starting a post is because well we have this 1 student in class. Everyone knows who she is in class and everyone is starting to try and avoid her.

    She is the type that always speaks up in class, interrupts the teacher, constantly tries to correct the teacher, tries to mentally psych you out before tests, after tests, and every day.

    We have a FB page for our semester of nursing students that we all get on and post due dates, help each other out if we aren't understanding a particular subject, etc. Well this girl always gets on there and is all well I am so glad we have such easy classes this semester, I am so glad I have a 100 in all my classes, etc.

    When we all know she doesn't that she is lying as our teachers always tell us the top scores in the class (they don't tell us who it is b/c they don't want it to be a competition).

    Every time this girl passes anyone in the hallway she just smirks at them. She will no longer speak to me because me and another girl were sitting up front in our dosage and calculations class where we always sit and this girl comes in 10 minutes late walks to the front of the class looks and me and pretty much yells MOVE OUT OF MY SEAT, that is my seat you are sitting in.

    I calmly looked at her and stated that we do not have assigned seats, and if anything it is my seat since I have sat there since the beginning of the semester and she is 10 minutes late for class. She then turned to my friend and demanded she get up so that she could have her seat, my friend also refused and calmly told her that if she wanted to sit up front she could sit in one of the open 8 seats that were open on either side of us. Needless to say this girl got really upset and stomped off to the back of the class.

    The teacher blew out a breath and then went back to teaching. I mean really who comes into class late and interrupts the whole lecture!? She hasn't been back to class since then and only shows up for tests. Even though she missed one and started asking around for what the questions were because she had to make them up.

    I think 1 person actually gave her the questions...... I just really do not know how to deal with this girl, my blood pressure goes up every time I see her. I am just glad I do not have lab with her. She apparently makes everyone feel like they are idiots in lab. The odd thing is she is usually flat out wrong on most everything she says/does. So I do not understand how she keeps making us all feel like complete idiots. Anyone have any advice for this or similar situations? Thanks in advance.......

    -confused/overly stressed new nursing student
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  3. by   Jen_Jen88
    OMG she sounds annoying! I say ignore her. She won't get very far in nursing with that attitude. Just keep doing you and don't worry about her. If she says something, stand up for yourself like you did before. BUT please don't let this foolish girl stress you. Nursing school is already stressful as it is lol.
  4. by   JBudd
    She can only make you feel like an idiot if you listen to/pay attention/accept anything she says. If she is wrong, why listen? Either totally ignore her, or smile and walk away, or do as you did before, calmly address the issue then drop it.

    It is up to the faculty to deal with her behavior, absences and rudeness. You don't know what they are doing behind the scenes, as far as discipline, writeups, etc. Believe me, we notice and take action, but it is no one else's business, especially other students.

    Don't let her into your head. Find something funny or wonderful to think about and revert to it when her persona starts knocking and wanting in.
  5. by   Wrangler156
    Thanks so much for your advice! I will continue going on about my daily activities and try to pay no mind to her as well as stay calm and push on.
    JBudd you have a very valid point there is no telling what is going on behind the scenes, as honestly it is not any of our (being the students) business.

    Jen_Jen you are correct nursing school is already stressful enough!! Thank goodness for fall break though woohoo !!
  6. by   classicdame
    Lucky you! You have a chance to work with a psych patient and learn how to do therapeutic communication. Just think of her as needing psych help (probably does need some counseling) and your attitude might change a little. You will learn not to be offended by her comments because you do not expect otherwise. We only get disappointed when expectations are not met.

    Another thing - this too shall pass. Do not focus your energy here. What does it matter if she is lying? Assume she is and move on.
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  7. by   YouSmellLikeCDiff
    Oh boy... There is always that one classmate that drives people insane with attention-seeking behavior. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do. Ignoring/avoiding her is probably your best bet.

    First of all, Florence Nightingale couldn't have even had a 100 average in a modern day nursing class, so I'm positive she is exaggerating her grades. With her not coming to class and missing tests, I'd say she probably has the opposite of a 100 average. I know all schools are different, but is there not a limit on the number of absences you can have? We were allowed 1 EXCUSED absence per semester. Any more or failure to provide a legit excuse resulted in a failure.

    This is just your first semester. As each semester passes, your class will get smaller and smaller as a result of dropouts, transfers, and failures. Hopefully, Miss Obnoxious will be eliminated soon, which seems likely. Just hang in there and focus on nothing but you! Good luck with everything!
  8. by   metal_m0nk
    Avoid and/or ignore her and move on with your life. Seriously.

    There are far more important things to focus your attention on.
  9. by   Red35
    Ohh you have one of those as well? I have been in nursing school one week-we already have a student who believe his sh** doesn't stink. He has already disagreed with the teacher twice on certain topics...

    He sits at his desk and says "Oh who doesn't know this, you have to be stupid not to know this." It is taking all the self control I have not to tell him to shut up.

    So I'm ignoring him, and I suggest you do the same. I don't believe he is going to make it just because of his attitude...

    It sucks but there will always be people who want attention...

    Don't get into the drama....just worry about yourself..
  10. by   rubato
    It's very simple. Let her screw herself out of that spot. She cannot be on any of the professors good sides, so just wait until she fails out or they kick her out. It shouldn't take long!