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I am just curious how many of you have already decided what you want to be( when you grow up) sorry couldn't resist any way what field how did you come about the decision are you dead set on it... Read More

  1. by   Erinkate2959
    I am so unsure of where I want to work when I am finished. I change my mind almost daily. Many people (including lots of my teachers) have said that new nurses should always start in Med/Surg, but I am more interested in Critical care. Where I will be working they unfortunately do not take people right out of school into the units, so I will probably wind up on a tele unit. There are so many choices, it's so hard to make up my mind!!
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    the excitement of the unknown fasinates me. i want to work er for sure! i worked med/surg as an lpn and didn't like it but learned a lot.
  3. by   Kyle's Mom
    I am hoping to work at the children's hospital we have here, probably med/surg. I have Crohn's, like Tweety, and really want to do everything I can to help the kids and teens who have this rotten disease. I had such a hard time when I was a teenager, I just want to help these kids as much as I can!!!
  4. by   katieRNlove
    Oh my god I have no idea. I have had my heart set on like 15 diff areas! :chuckle Anyway i work very well with the elderly but i do not want ot work in a NH!? I geuss i will just have to try them out before i settle down.
  5. by   farmmom
    I am so proud of all of you and myself we have all decided to work toward a dream and wnat to help people in one way or another
    no career choice is wrong or right but in the end you will know in your heart what is right for you
    you pts will know that you have made the right choice on the way that you treat them
    the right choice consist of when you look in you pt's eyes and they see the compasion
    give all of yourselves a big pat on the back for chosing a very demanding and understaffed field
    make sure that this is what you want to do and give it your all treat every patient as if they were you own family member
    you will all go very far
    thank you for all of the responses
  6. by   CountrifiedRN
    Well, I have changed my mind many times since starting this program, and I'm sure I will change it again before I'm done. At this moment, I am considering ER or OR Nursing. I also liked OB when I did that rotation.

    I know I definately don't want peds, psych, or LTC.
  7. by   MIKEY LIKES
    Every since I went under, I wanted to go into CRNA. The path to that goal is Med/Surg ICU.

    I don't want to work in a nursing home, moms been in that field for 20 years or more.
  8. by   STEPHIE_RN_2_BE
    Cant do elder care, like several of you have already mentioned. I was depressed for all 8 weeks of my clinical rotation in a SNF for elderly pts; I kept thinking of how these people would never get any better and how they were at the end of their lives. More than once I had patients tell me they waited every day to die since most of their friends and loved ones were already gone. It was very draining....

    Im leaning towards OB or Peds. But, we shall see!
  9. by   Gromit
    Well, I have an interest in the cardiac field, but ICU/CCU is where my sights are set. I wanted anesthetist, but will see about that when I get further down the road (just so many choices are out there!!! ).
    I will NOT even considder Oncology (taken too many family and friends. I know I cannot do this.), and LTC is not my bag -way too depressing.
    I spent a lot of years in emergency services, and being an ambulance jockey, I got my thrills out of trauma and have no further interest there, so no ER for me.
    But my main reason for following through with nursing is:
    On the ambulance, I was just too 'hemmed in'. As a nurse, if I get tired, bored, fed-up (whatever) with one part of the field, I can grab some hours or schooling, and get into another part.
    Later, y'all!
  10. by   FullMoonMadness
    I am hoping for CVICU. I am an LPN on a busy tele floor,we work with a great team of cardiologists. I want to be able to follow those that I prep for CABG all the way through the inpatient stay and hearts fascinate me. The hospital that I work at has an extensive orient to any off the specialty units,and the population in my area(resort,retirement) is prime for cardiac problems.Really, I will just be glad to graduate and pass my boards.
  11. by   AmiK25
    I absolutely, positively want to be a CRNA. Before that, I will be working in a Medical/Surgical ICU (I already work there as a student and will just stay after I graduate.

    The only thing I could never do as a nurse would be psych. I absolutely hated psych clinical!!!
  12. by   CJStudent
    Hmm..I am 27 years old and graduate in 6 months and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

    Here's what I DO know:

    I want to get paid the MOST for the LEAST amount of hours (PRN, anybody!?)
    I do NOT want to work on a med-surg floor nor deal with patients that are never going to get well/geriatrics/nursing homes.
    My list goes on...
    I'm hoping to find my niche in leadership and community nursing next semester.
  13. by   farmmom
    why did you become a nurse
    I am sorry but if you are in it for just the money you have to realize that it is people you PT's that pay your pay check and not to bother you with the medocre BS is not why most nurses become a nurse

    Don't ban me but that comment cut too close to the problems I have seen.Most of the reasons that I have become a nurse is because of nurses that have had that attitude