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I am just curious how many of you have already decided what you want to be( when you grow up) sorry couldn't resist any way what field how did you come about the decision are you dead set on it... Read More

  1. by   Lausana
    Originally I was sure it was trauma/ many mindchanges since then! Out of school I'm leaning towards OB or NICU.
    But I'd like to go back to school and study Forensic nursing so I'll probably end up in trauma/ER anyway! That is if I don't decide to get a BS in psychology instead...maybe all the indicision is why I drive my family nuts :chuckle Soooo...I guess I don't really know!
  2. by   emily_mom
    L & D...I've always wanted to work this, and I do now as a nurse tech and love it.

    Maybe down the road I will do NICU...

    or ER

    or Psych

    or Surgery

    or Oncology.....

    So many choices!!!

  3. by   TeresaRN2b
    When I started on the idea of being a nurse I was sure I wanted to work L&D, but now I don't know. I want to finish all my rotations and get a good feel of things before I make up my mind. That's what I really find appealing about nursing. There is so much to choose from in this profession.

  4. by   cakarol
    I know that I do NOT want to do psych or LTC.

    I am super interested in ortho actually - partly because my son was born with a clubbed foot and I have spent looooooooooong hours at the ortho office and with my baby in surgery. it's an interesting field...and harldy any deaths!!!
    another interest I have is to work at an OBGYN office - I love pregnant women - prenatal care is so much fun to me - but I don't really like women in labor - sounds like a good trade off to me!

    good luck to you all - Claire
  5. by   AppyHorseFan
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  6. by   AppyHorseFan
    from the first day i realized i had "the calling" i wanted to do pediatric oncology. if my kids weren't so young, st. jude's would already have my :d but since, they are, and i have restrictions as to where i can move with them in the decree, i'll have to settle for some place a little less prestigious. i've also given some thought to pediatric aids.

    working as a nurse extern on an ortho floor, i find this really interesting as well. i know i can't do psych or ltc and right now er, icu, trauma, etc., don't really interest me. not saying this won't change some day.

    whatever, i end up doing, i know it will be because the lord led me there for a reason.
  7. by   babynursewannab
    I'm either going to become a Midwife or a Nurse Anesthetist or a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

    I'm POSITIVE that I do NOT, NOT NOT NOT want to go into ortho or wound care!
  8. by   Hidi74
    Im leaning towards the OR. MMMMM maybe plastic surgery ......that would be so cool.....I wonder if I would get a discount????? lol
  9. by   tattooednursie
    i'm going to be a LTC RN. Also I will be a paramedic too.
  10. by   TWEETY-expired
    really want to do:

    i always thought i wanted to work in peds, until i always heard stories from my friend who is a labor and delivery nurse. then, i thought i really would love that, and figured that's where i would want to work. but, i still love working with children, and am not sure which would suit me best. can't decide between the two. i think i'll know when the time is RIGHT!

    would do:

    i think i would find it interesting to work in an OR, or ER (but, that might be too much craziness for my personality), GI unit (they don't have specifically GI floors in all hospitals, i don't think... sometimes they are just put with med/surg (right?). i have crohn's, and when i am in the hospital, i am on the med/surg floor. but, that is the reason i would be interested in GI. i know i'll probably end up working in med/surg, at least for the first year or two, to get a broad experience base, and that would be cool with me. i really like the idea of nurse anesthesiologist (but, that's just cuz i heard they make a lot of money... is that horrible?)

    would never do:

    i, too, cannot work with the elderly. i don't know why, but it's too depressing. like someone else on here said... makes me think of my own grandparents, and i get too sad. can't handle it for some reason... not that i don't have a LOT of compassion for elderly people. i just think i wouldn't feel as fulfilled, yet more "down and out." i think that's the only area where i wouldn't want to work. anyplace where the majority of people are elderly.

    we'll see what happens, right?
  11. by   PennyLane
    Isn't this the best thing about nursing? The choices! The world is our oyester!! haha, maybe a little melodramatic, but it's sooo nice to know we have a ton of options career-wise. GO NURSES!!!
  12. by   peaceful2100
    I know it is so wonderful all the options we have. At my school there is an accelerated option program for those who already have a bachelor's degree in another field they can come in and finish the BSN in just a year. I have talked to many of the accelerated option students and they said they were so miserable and NEVER had the options in their fields like they do in Nursing. Some of them have started medical school but changed their minds and decided to do nursing once they saw what nurses did. Some were teachers, some were accountants, some were in marketing/sales, some were in the computer field, there is even one guy who is a chiropactor (spelling??) and he said sure the money is good but he is a single parent of two kids whom he have full-time custody of and he said the hours were absoutely non-compatiable with his kids schedule. I just read in my local nursing news paper that another university in my area is implementing an accelerated option program that will start in May due to a huge demand of second-degree adults who want to pursue nursing. My school went from 15 accelerated option students to accepting 60 accelerated option students over a 3 year time period because the demand was so great among second degree students. I think it is wonderful and I think it is wonderful how many choices we have it can be very overwhelming at times thinking of all the various options but I LOVE it.
  13. by   shunda
    I love the Psychiatric Field or Corrections. I am a MHT right now and I love it; I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I want to work in Psych nursing.

    Everyone continue to be Encouraged!!!!
    The Best Is Yet To Come!!!!!