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Just curious:p I will be 40 on Wed. I've got 2 kids, 10 and 6. I am still doing my pre-req's. I know I can do this,but would love to hear from some more grey hairs, hee hee:D By the way, my... Read More

  1. by   kellye
    38 here, just received acceptance letter yesterday! 2 kids, girl 6 and boy 2, have most pre-regs completed (by May) am happy, excited, giddy, scared starts in May! good luck to all!
  2. by   Lisa1970
    Dublin 37. You say that you are new to the area. What area would that be?? I am in Northern Indiana. I am 32 and holding lol. I have 4 kids 12,10,9,5. Just starting school. I will be taking both pre-reqs and nursing classes at the same time. They are allowing me to clep on a couple of courses though. :-)

    Send Email, maybe we can get through this together. I have some really good sites for info.
  3. by   StudentSandra
    well, the 25 of us are 1,025 years old. :-) unless this old brain messed up on my addition. :-)

    that makes the avg age ......... 41 ..........
  4. by   Lisa1970
    The good thing about us being so old is that we lived a little. I like to think that my age gives me a slight advantage over the young ones.
  5. by   Bradley
    Hi, Im 39 yr old start level 1 in july,2 kids 15,10. Wonderful wife whos been a rn for 15 yrs.This is my second carrer after 20 yrs. in industrial sales, finished all pre -reqs (thank god) really looking forward .
  6. by   Lisa1970
    Welcome Bradley!!!
  7. by   oldnewnurse
    Oh my gosh, I think I incorrectly replied to the "notso" post. You know, notso old, notso gray. I am 51, just finished my pre-reqs and have been accepted to ADN program starting in September, 02. Thanks to Dublin for working on the SNOTF project. I think we SNOT's will greatly benefit from the camaraderie of others in similar situations as we pursue this dream at our "advanced" ages.
  8. by   jccarolina
    Cool, can I join the crowd too? At least now I wont feel like I'm all alone. I turn 39 on 7-12 and start my pre-reqs this fall with a brush up on my math skills this summer. Won't be in the program till fall 2003, with the wait list, but I've waited this long so I'll try to be patient a little longer. Oh did I mention I just got my GED also this last January!!! Thats one thing I feel most proud of next to my family and the desire to become an RN.
  9. by   it'sallbueno
    The way I look at it, God willing you're going to be over the age of 35 anyway, so you might as well go for it...

    I'm 36, and I've been a nurse for (gulp!) 12 years. One of the best things I've ever done.

    Good luck!
  10. by   bettina
    Dear Heather:

    I am 36 and have waited 20 years to get where I am...second of five semester ADN-RN program. There are two "wiser" women in my class, one is 50 and the other is 52....go go go. You are never too old to learn share love and give. It sure beats flippin' burgers or stuffin' tacos(I am the voice of experience).

    Good will be over before you know it.


  11. by   D'Anne61
    Originally posted by bassbird
    Welcome to the site Heather! I hope you find it informative as well as entertaining. I'm 43 and am graduating in May. I don't have any kids but there are quite a few of my classmates who are of similar age and do.

    The best advice I can give is to make time for your studying AND your family. Even though school may seem difficult at times (make that most of the time) you can do it. You will be surprised how fast the actual nursing program goes by. (although at the end of each semester it seems like it is taking forever).

    Good luck!

  12. by   Dublin37
    It's been quite a while since I've I've been on, it's great to hear from so many of you. I was new to the site, but now I feel at home. I am finishing up my Algebra next week as I chip chip chip away at those darn pre-req's I will probably be getting an A! wowow, those are hard for me to come by. In the fall I will be in Anat. & Phys. That's where I will really need support! I will hopefully start the nurses program in Fall 2003. I'm trying to get all pre-req's done before so I'm not too insane during actual nursing program. I can't wait to get in there, stabbing other nurses for practice, pass out for the first time when I have to wipe a fanny, etc. hee hee, honest, I really can't wait.
    Say has anyone been to SNOTF? I can't figure out the chat, but please everyone visit. The address is on one of my earlier messages. God Bless:kiss Heather (Dublin)
  13. by   mopsi
    Hi..47 grey haired years here..2 girls 14 & 27..Been licenced as an Lpn for 11+ years..working on Rn now...I am always thrilled when the 19-30 year old nurses I work with say whew I'm tired or my back hurts or I'm fried....Sometimes I think its my age thats kicking my butt...but the work is getting us all...I am so happy to see the ammount of people in my age range...Now everyone take a bubblebath, or watch trading spaces or a nap???LOL