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How many hours do you study? What do you do? Do you just read the information over and over? I'm not understanding this nursing fundamentals. How do I apply this stuff to questions? Please HELP... Read More

  1. by   Mkue
    I always read the objectives for the chapters, critical thinking questions at the end of ea. chapter and everything in between.
  2. by   susanmary
    There's no "correct" way/amount to study -- I would go for quality over quantity any day. In nursing school, I sat towards the front of the class and took decent notes. As soon as I had time, I would type the notes up -- this helped me a great deal -- good review. A study group (has to be a good fit) or going for tutorial help with your teacher -- most colleges have student tutors may help. Look at the big picture -- keep current with your studies -- you will do fine.
  3. by   maire
    Hmm...If the chapter is short, I read it. LOL Either way, though, I read the chapter highlights at the end and use the study guide textbook that goes with the fundamentals textbook. We are usually tested on the material we were assigned to read, then after the quiz we take notes on the same chapter. Figure that one out.
    I usually set aside a few hours each night after class or during the day when my son takes his nap to do my studying.
  4. by   memphisgurl
    we have our first test feb. 18
  5. by   Alie
    We took our 3 rd test today. 1st 92 2nd 100 3rd 96

    I take notes as fast as I can in class. Go home and re-write them. Listen to tape to fill in or get something that I didn't understand. I do read the book, but sometimes I find that the instructor's may teach it either a little bit different or the book just adds to much (more than you need to know) and then that can be confusing. If you know that you don't have to know that and go on, it's okay. Then I study, study, study!!! I use highlighter's a lot, I am a visual learner. My friend she is musical learner so, she listens to classical music when she studies (we took You Are Smarter Than You Think first week of school and it helps you learn what the best method of study for you is, it is suppose to shorten time spent studying).

    I find that if I just know all the material through and I mean throught, I can think my way through most of the question. The school I go to offers a thing you take there on the computer to improve test taking skills. I do think that helped know the things to look for because I do find that I use it all the time. Our test are geared toward the NCLEX, the instructor's said if we can't pass it there is not a reason to go through school.

    Sorry, I rambled on so!!
  6. by   BurnerKG
    i have made 1 B in nsg school. all i do is pay attention in class, take notes, type notes up, and read over them 10 minutes before the test.
  7. by   PowerPuffGirl
    Here's my two cents. =)

    If you haven't taken one of those tests to discover your learning style (visual, auditory, etc), you can find them on the internet. It won't take long, and it may help you figure out some different ways of studying.

    I love notecards, but I hate writing them out. I do them on the computer. I format the page using the labels/name badge function (I can't recall what template number I use) and type the info. After I print, I cut and use a glue stick to make my notecards. You can also photocopy diagrams and white-out the labels, etc, for anatomy or chemistry.

    I've found that I do well with more frequent and shorter study periods than with long cramming sessions. I always study a bit during lunch, I carry notecards with me on my commute and quiz myself at red lights, or in line at the bank, etc. I'll confess, that during A&P, I even kept notecards in the bathroom! (I think it's all about finding creative ways to use your time!!!).

    I also have luck reviewing just before I go to sleep. For some reason, this seems to really stick things in my brain.
  8. by   KatrinaRN
    Hello all!

    This is my first post so bare with me.

    I agree with PowerPuffGirl, notecards are the way to go. They do take some time to do, but it's well worth it.

    The first time I did note cards I raised my score a whole letter grade.

    Good luck. You can do it.
  9. by   RN2Bee
    :kiss Thank you all so much for these responses. Although I didn't ask the question , the information about studying was great. We are not allowed to tape in our classes. So we all write as fast as we can. Ocassionally something is missed and we try and help each other by copying notes on the xerox. I have been trying to back into the swing of things at school because I had pnuemonia. I didn't miss any school or clinicals but being so sick made me very tired and was not able to study much. So the first test I failed by by 2 points. I was a Deans List student, but I don't know if get back the momentum. My next test is Thur. it is on fluids and electrolytes and shock. I made cards and rewrote the notes and tried to memorize as much as possible
    Oh in case you want to know why I didn't stay home while I was sick... In our school we are allowed only 2 absences. No exceptions. If you fail the semester , you must wait a full year before returning. I am 47 and didn't feel as though I could to wait a year.
    Thanx for the study info
  10. by   memphisgurl
    First exam is today. Thanks so much you guys for all the helpful tips. I will let everyone know how I did in a few days.
  11. by   memphisgurl
    made a 74 on first exam need 78 to pass
  12. by   RN2Bee
    I am in the same boat as you.I have to get a very high grade for the exam or repeat in a year.
    I know the material , I just don't know always know how to answer the questions, nclex style.
    Stick with it. Try try try. You will surprised when you come out on the other end of the semester with a passing grade.
    Lot's of Luck
    I'll be rooting for you.
  13. by   memphisgurl
    Linda i'm cheering for you as well.