How many credits is your foriegn language class?

  1. I am taking a Spanish course for Spring semester, partially for credit but moreso for my own knowledge in dealing with the general public in a health care setting. My class is 5 credits and I have never heard of a 5 credit language course before. I have taken 8 years of French, including 3 courses at the college level, and each of those were only 3 credits a piece. How many credits is your language course?
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  3. by   Jessy_RN
    Mine was 3
  4. by   land64shark
    They are 4 credits at my school. That works out since you need 8 college credits of foreign language for the BSN (if you don't have 2 consecutive years of high school credits).
  5. by   jhawk07
    at my 4-yr univeristy the two beginning classes are 5 credts and is M-F, the two intermediate classes are 3 credits and are MWF classes. It is 5 credits because it ivery intensive.
  6. by   Transplant-BSNTx
    At the university I attend, the first two language classess are 4 credit hour classes because they also require laboratory attendance that is not individually credited. After the first two classes, elementary language I and elementary language II, they are 3 credit hour classes.
  7. by   malarwen
    I took German and it was 3 credit class