How many Clinical + Preceptorship Hours do you Have?

  1. How many clinical hours are there in your program? Just curious, especially with the ADN and BScN/BSN programs.

    I'm in a four year BScN program, with nearly 1600 clinical hours total. The average is about 170 hours per semester. My final preceptorship is 420hours. How long are your preceptorships/consolidations?
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  3. by   marilynmom
    I'm in a BSN program. For our Junior year we have clinicals from day one for 12 hours a week/2 semesters. So that is 384 clinical hours per year.

    Senior year we have 24 hours of clinicals a week/2 semesters so that is 768 hours for the senior year. Plus we have to do 60 additional hours of volunteer work in a nursing capacity (flu shot clinics, etc)

    I'm not sure how the final preceptor thing works as I am not at that point yet.
  4. by   hica19
    When I was a student, my final semester preceptorship was a total of 225 hours.
  5. by   S.N. Visit
    I am in a two year ADN program. We have 1512 clinical hours to complete. My final preceptor hours are 216 hours. Total (1728 hours)
  6. by   SoulShine75
    We have about 8-10 hours of clinical per week (one day per week) per semester (4 months approx.) for my ADN program. That's roughly 144 hours per semester.
  7. by   RazorbackRN
    I graduated from an ADN program. We completed 1536 clinical hours and 128 hrs of preceptorship. 1664 total.