How hard was it to get INTO nursing school? vent/survey

  1. How hard was it for you to get INTO nursing school. Not academically, but TECHNICALLY. LOL

    I am desperately trying to get into an ADN program at my local tech. college. I attended college previously and completed a Bio major and a Chem minor. Shouldn't be too hard to get in, right? HA HA!! I'm starting to feel like a trained poodle with all of the hoops that I have to jump through. There are 2 schools that are near enough for me to attend. The one program has a wait list so long that a person applying TODAY wouldn't see a classroom until January 2004!!!! The other one has a shorter wait list, but I don't know EXACTLY HOW long, since I don't want to the bug the advisor TOO much. LOL I know it's a shorter list, BUT, all pre-reqs have to be completed before even being able to take the nursing program admission test!

    It looks like I may miss the next "round" of entrance testing also, since a specific transcript has not yet been received by the school. How VERY frustrating, since, at this point I can't even request them to resend due to "policy." Soo..... for the next 4 days I'm going to drive myself CRAZY hoping that the letter actually arrives and I can test on Tuesday. I HATE having such an important aspect of my life riding on the Postal Service!!

    Anyone else seeing these horribly long waiting lists??? And, what hoops.. er, um, policies!! did you have to contend with??

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  3. by   AngelicNurse2B
    I am in the same boat, trying to get into the ADN program at my local community college. The wait list is really long, if I applied for the program today I too probably wouldn't be in a nursing class til about 2004 or beyond ...and I have to complete some prereq's before I can even apply for the program. I don't think there is an entrance exam for the program, here you just have to have the prereq's done and then apply for the program...and hope to get accepted I guess, I don't know what they base it on...LOL, I guess I really need to talk to an advisor!
    I thought that I would only have to take micro and A&P (the prereq's) but I now found out that since my last stint in college was over 5 years ago, none of my gen ed's will least I'll have something to do while I'm waiting for my turn to get into the nursing program.
    I plan to take chemistry this summer, in the fall I'll take micro or A&P and get certified for CNA, in the spring I'll take the other prereq and submit my application for the ADN program, and then...I'll while away the rest of the time on the waiting list by taking all the gen ed's, so that when the time finally comes, I'll be able to concentrate on nothing but nursing. I also hope to be working as a CNA at the local hospital during my wait, to get some real life experience.

    So...that's my plan for the next several's going to be so hard to be patient, when I really want to be in nursing school NOW, but I have to look at it like, at least I am on my way!

    Good luck, wish me the same!

  4. by   MRed94
    Well, I am FINISHED with all of the pre-reqs, ALL of the academic classes, and ONLY need the 2 final nursing classes.

    I am in my 5th semester of a 2 year program.....and am FINALLY the FIRST person on the waiting list.

    But.........the ones who are in 2nd semester right now, AND the 3rd semester students now who FLUNK........are ahead of me......only chance I have of getting in is if somebody drops out..............Fat chance....... I am looking into surrounding campuses, but chances are about as good there as they are here.

    So I sit and twiddle my thumbs, and take other classes so I can keep the momentum of school going.

    Frustrated????????????????? NOT ME!!!

  5. by   StudentSandra

    i finally know why i'm living in this podunk town.

    last fall when i started my program, everyone that met the criteria was accepted into the program. with one space left over. when they do have more applicants than slots, they use a ranking system, based on the same criteria for acceptance into the program. a formula using scores from the college placement exam, gpa of core classes & extra points for a&p and micro. there is no waiting list, if you don't make it one year, you have to reapply the next.

    ya'll hang in there.
  6. by   TCW
    I am so glad to hear that it is not just me!!!! I don't have to deal with the frustration of a waiting list, however, I have run into loop hole after loop hole. Today, I went to meet with the nursing advisor thinking that I could FINALLY start the application process, but I was told that they do not have any of my files. I guess they just magically disappeared so now I have to search my personal stuff @ home in order to produce more college transcripts as I already have a BA from a prior life.

    I am getting so frustrated because no one I have spoken with has been very helpful nor have they at least been cordial. I am tempted to just throw my hands up and say forget it, but I want this too badly. I am convinced that the hardest thing about nursing school is GETTING through all the loop holes.

  7. by   zacarias

    Here they also admit people to the program on the basis of points or grades of the prereq/coreq classes. For instance we needed 105-125 points to get into my class. That means most people had taken all the non-nursing classes and had at least a 3.5 but probably a 4.0. If you don't get in, there is no waiting list. I like that better..I mean being on a waiting list is killer. I did that for EMT and then when the EMT school called me to tell me I was now able to get in, I was already in nursing school! Bummer...

  8. by   paula77720
    sorry to hear about that guys!

    Im from NY and the ADN program is tough too but I took all my pre-reqs (4 key courses) last fall semester (we have session 1 and 2) and currently taking 2 more for 6 weeks. I applied in the program the same time i enrolled for my pre-reqs and luckily got accepted for spring. Out of 75 people that applied, only 32 got in. We have no waiting list - you can apply for candidacy twice and thats about it. Come Spring i'll be taking my nursing 101 with A&P II and Micro. Its tough but you gotta do it. The first semester of nursing program they said is the toughest coz you still have pre-reqs to take. I was informed that the previous semester, 15 made it out of 32.

    LUCK!!! coupled with prayers and hardwork will help us realize our dreams!
  9. by   Forevermomof5
    It is so hard to believe that nursing school is so difficult to get into. Here in Las Vegas our ADN program had over half of the seats open this semester. There is never a waiting list.

    I have everything I need done for my pre-reqs and I just took the NLN exam last Saturday. I hope that I do okay!

    I turned in my application today for this fall and the administrator told me that they are going to start in the summer instead. We'll be finding out in April or May. Isn't that exciting?

    I may be biased but we have decent weather, a strong economy and now an open nursing school. What more reasons do you need to move to Las Vegas?
  10. by   delirium
    Vegas also has the highest suicide rate in the country, according to the show 'paramedics' on discovery health.
    My program doesn't have a waiting list... you petition by December 15 to be admitted the following fall, and you have to score at least a 20 on the ACT (we take that instead of the NLN) and have the majority of your pre-reqs done.
    Last year there were 450 applicants for 80 spots. If you don't make it in, you just reapply next year. I made it in the first time I applied, thankfully. I don't have the patience to sit around and wait. I probably would have decided to become an accountant or something else in the meantime.
  11. by   subec
    I have applied to 3 BSN programs, and from what I have heard, it is pretty tough to get in. For the program that I want to get into, first you are selected based on GPA and your NET score, then you have to go through an interview proccess, then you pray that you get one of the slots. The other 2 programs are not quite as competitive, but both only have only so many slots. I can reapply for spring, but I really don't like my current job and I'm not sure I can wait another year. I know that I can get into the program at the university near where I grew up, but the thought of moving back home is a little daunting. But, I will do whatever I have to do to start nursing classes in the fall.

    At least when I start school, all I will have are the two years of nursing classes. All 3 programs require you to have completed all of the pre-reqs before you start classes.

    Good luck to all of you!!!

  12. by   huckfinn
    I filled out the application, paid the fee, took a lame aptitude test, and started school 3 mos. later. No big deal.

    Why, with all the nursing shortages and low school application statistics, is it such a big problem to get people started in school?
  13. by   Lausana
    At my school there is also no waiting list, if you do not get accepted, you reapply the next May or December. This past fall we had 72 accepted which was a lot more than 40 the semester before. We have financial support for one of our local hospitals, otherwise the school couldn't afford that large of a group, I think there is such a wait due to those small numbers & limited number of teaching staff.
  14. by   AngelicNurse2B
    Wow, I guess I should consider myself lucky...I'd rather be put on a waiting list, at least I know I'll get in sometime! How awful to just be out and out rejected! I don't think we even have to take an entrance exam, I could be wrong but I didn't see anything like that when I was looking at the application process.

    Re: Las Vegas, I was really thinking of moving there, I had read on another post that there was no wait and they didn't have enough students. My fiance's mom has a condo out there we could live in and everything, but it doesn't make sense financially, since community college here in California is only $11/credit! I won't even need financial aid to go to school here. At the community college of southern Nevada, which I assume is the one with the ADN program you are referring to, Forevermomof5, the classes are $42.50/credit! That's a big difference! Ah well...I just read in the paper this morning that they want the hospitals around here to start pumping more $$ into the nursing school so that they can turn out more students to meet the demand, esp. now with the new staffing regulations that Gov. Davis is proposing. Maybe there is hope for me yet!