how hard is nursing school?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering, how hard is the nursing program. Especially, if you're already take all the prerequisites and going to take only the nursing classes. Please I need your input on this.

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  3. by   JennieBSN
    You want my honest opinion? Okay. Well, I'm the type of student who NEVER STUDIES. Can't. Don't have that kind of attention span outside of class. HOWEVER...I was absolutely glued to my instructors' every word in class, as I found nursing school to be fascinating, so I really retained a lot just from lecture. I hardly studied (you HAVE to study for pharmacology...ugh!), but made the dean's list twice and always had at least a 3.1 gpa. It's CHALLENGING, but I wouldn't call it DIFFICULT. I'd say the hardest part is learning to pull all your knowledge from a&p together in a clinical setting, and learning how to manage your time. Technical skills are almost always going to be awkward at first, but that's normal. Don't sweat it! I loved school and found myself really looking forward to class and clinical (except psych....BLEAH! hated psych with a PASSION) every day.
  4. by   hollykate
    KDay, someday we are going to have to get together (especially because I have a suspicion we are now at the same hospital... hee hee, never will see me near those babies however.) I also never actually studied. Paid extremely good attention in class, and applied what I learned at my job in the ED- so the scenarios made up by nursing instructors on exams were usually something I had seen before. I actually graduated with all the honors and ribbons and stuff- but it has never made me a better, or worse nurse- I just have some extra words on the diploma.
    Janleb has good tips. Nursing is very doable. It does take some commitment and sometimes some rearanging of your life- but I tnink in general it is challenging but not overwhelming, making it FUN!
  5. by   janleb
    but for the majority, it becomes a priority. Your think, live, breath nursing for the duration and occasionally come up for air. What has really helped me was Anatomy&Physiology, making sense out of disease processes. Study groups are great for studying and socializing (since you don't get to do that often). Find study techniques that are right for you. If you have children plan study time around them. Nursing is very doable. Not at all impossible. I tutor nursing students and the one thing I found that gets them every time is that they wait to long before they get help if needed. So if you feel you are going to have a hard time understanding some information go to your instructor then, don't wait till you get half way through the quarter. During clinicals be assertive, get use to being that way because you are the patient advocate, and nobody wants a wishy washy RN. good luck!!!!!
  6. by   Dawn2001
    I have to tell you that Nursing School has been one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life thus far and I thought some events had been pretty hard to deal with at the time. Nursing School is very intense and your life will be nothing but that for however long the program lasts. Best of Luck to you, I graduate in August, thank goodness it's almost finally over.
  7. by   RN2B7-01
    Nursing school IS the hardest thing I have ever done,I am married with a hubby and 5 kids and other responsibilities so that adds to the work. It REALLY takes alot of dedication there were many times I felt like quitting school, but now that I only have a couple of mths. left I wouldn't change anything! you can do it! just focus on the end product of your hard work and dedication! Good Luck!

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  9. by   momangel29
    Nursing school takes extreme dedication.I don't know what you outside life is like but you have to prepare your family that they will not see you for a while.Forget about having a clean house or well dressed children.If you work be prepared to cut back a few hours to part time if possible. I found myself crying on Sundays because I wouldn't get out of work until midnight and have to take a test early the next morning. You will soon figure out what you can do and what you have to DELEGATE.That is a key word to remember. It is well worth it. Good luck.
  10. by   BrandyBSN
    The difficulty of nursing often depends on the type of program you select. I have friends who opted for and ADN, or a Vo-Tech program, and they breezed through with minimal effort.

    I am in a BSN program at Truman State University in Missouri. to be quiet honest, it is hell. I spend atleast 5 hours a night reading or studying for tests, and I am 19th in a class of 37. I was 3rd in my graduating class from high school, and had a solid 3.98.

    Truman is also a different type of university. We are the only university in the midwest with a "highly selective mission" policy, which means that we are 73% valadictorian/saluts, and most students who apply here are not accepted. Which raises the bar for all majors here.

    Nursing is the roughest major on campus, we have the most strict grading policy. An A is a 94 and above, a B is an 85 and above, and the lowest grade possible is a 76% C. If you get below a 76%, you do not pass, and if you score below a 76% on 2 exams, you do not continue in our program. It is brutial, but i am proud as can be to be in it, and and have above a B+ GPA.

    Some will make you think that nursing school is harder than walking through the fires of hell while trying to eat an icecream cone, and to that the answer is no, its not that bad, but it does take strict schedule, and a hard work ethic.

    If you are not wanting to give it your all, or have other responsibilities, aka children, finances, etc, opt for a vo-tech LPN program.

    If it is worth it, you will work for it.

    ps, and i would never recommend Truman unless you are a saddist
  11. by   crnasomeday
    BrandyBSN, it's nice that you're so proud of yourself, but it's not really fair to say those with responsibilities ("AKA children, finances") should opt for an LPN program. I'm a wife, and a mother to three children. I work part time as a tutor for anatomy, pharmacology and chemistry and as a PCA at St Louis University Hospital (just got that job...YAY!), and I'm a senior BSN student ranked first in a class of 52. I am also the secretary-elect for our campus' Student Nurse Association. I am a student mentor to underclassmen and I try my best to be supportive and helpful to other students. It can be done. My husband and I have worked very hard to maintain a normal family life and to finance my years in school, and I didn't have to opt for a "vo-tech" program.
    Now, to hanginginthere...don't let what everybody says scare you. I think nursing school is difficult, but I love a challenge! It's true that some people have an easier time getting through school than other people, but that's okay. Sometimes it does seem to monopolize your time, but it is fascinating and rewarding and just think how happy you'll be on that proud day when you can step up and receive your degree/diploma. I look so forward to that day (which will come next May....YAY again!), and that really keeps me going. You can do it! I agree so much with momangel29. You learn what kinds of things can be put off for a little while (like I've learned that I don't have to mop the kitchen floor every single day like I did when I was a stay at home mom). You also learn what things you can delegate (like I've learned that 4 year olds can clean up their own rooms and I can sneak in a little studying while that's being done). You learn to prioritize, and to work hard, and to make the very most of your time. Good luck to you hanginginthere, and be blessed!
  12. by   mikemw
    How hard school is is an individual thing. Outside life needs as well as self motivation play a signifacant role in hhow challenging a program is. Before I changed to nursing I had a degree in Electronic Systems Tecnology and was a junor in an Electrical Engineering program . I also taught for 7 years in an Associate program for Electronics Technology. I was told if I could succeed in Electronic Engineering I could do Nursing no problem. Well wiith both behind me I say If you can do a BSN in Nursing you can do a EE degree no prob.

    The flip side is who cares. If its what you want go for it and stop worrying about how hard it will be. You'll spend more energy worrying if its to hard than if you actually did it.

    GO FOR IT AND GOOD LUCK (not that you'll need it)
  13. by   BrandyBSN
    crnasomeday: Oh no! I think you might have read (or i typed
    ) that the wrong way! I did not mean that someone with other responsibilities can't or shouldnt go for a BSN!

    Let me try again:
    What i mean is that if YOU (the student) feel that you can't juggle everything that maybe a vo-tech program is the way to go. Anything can be done if you really put your mind to it, and many things could be rearranged. My friend Amy got married freshman year, had a child sophomore year, and just had another baby this summer! She is fantastic! I would love to tap into her energy source !

    What i mean is that for a student, graduating from high school, with no other circumstances to consider, i believe should aim for the BSN 100%, and if she (he) does have an other situation, then a BSN would be nice to start out with, but there are always options to consider at a later date (BSN completion).

    Anyone can achieve anything if they want it bad enough, the road just might be a little longer
  14. by   laurab2jb2
    Before I started the BSN program at Chico State, I was scared to death! I was told that the A students in junior college could only expect C's in the nursing program. This is because the requirements are so much more for nursing.

    Well, I have found that I do have to work harder to maintain my grades, but it is definitely do-able. I am married, have 2 boys (10 and 16), and still try to run the house as I did when I was a stay at home mom. The house is never as clean as it used to be, and my children stare at me as if they don't know me when I actually have time to cook dinner! Priorities have shifted, but in my opinion, for the better. I feel I am setting a good example for my kids - that you can do anything you want to as long as you are determined. Also, my husband has become a better cook!

    Don't let anyone scare you about nursing school. You will have to be dedicated and study if you want to pass your classes (if we get anything below a 75%, you don't pass the class and have to repeat the semester ), but it can be done. You also don't have to give up your social life completely, but choose your leisure time activities with more care. There will be less time for fun, but make sure to take it when you can or you will go crazy!