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I hear everywhere that nursing courses are hard and require lots of time to study. In what sense are they hard? Are there hard things to understand, do they require lot of memorizing? Does it take a... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Nurse 2004. I am in my third semester of nursing school and I must say nursing is very hard. It is not memorizing, it is application type questions. You take the material that you have learned and apply it toward a situation. If you are seeking a nursing profession don't let that frighten you, all things can be accomplish with prayer. Go for it!!
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    Originally posted by jgreenlady
    Ditto to that RN2be, I will be entering a ADN program Aug 18 that has a reputation as being very tough, has a high NCLEX pass rate and known for turning out good RNs. I feel proud to have been accepted. I know I will have to work hard, but I believe if I do I will be a competent, qualified RN. I wouldn't want it any other way.

    Keeping my eye on the Prize!

    yeah the prog im going into has a 97% pass rate. They seem real hardcore.
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    thank you for the website. I have ordered the book already and I went to the library and got some more books that prepare you for NCLEX too. i started reading and I like it. It doesn't seem very hard. I was even thinking the otherr day that i need some books with tests, because I always learned a lot from them.
    When i got into A & P class all the students said is very hard, but personally i was amazed how easy was. I guess it depends of how good the teachers explain too.
    Well, thank you for your encouragements and advise.
  4. by   renerian
    Bluesky you have not read anything? What semester are you in???????