How does your family/SO feel about your pursuing nursing education?

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  2. Poll: How does your family/SO feel about your pursuing nursing education?

    • I'm lucky - they support me in my decision!

      81.25% 39
    • Indifferent - they don't care either way!

      10.42% 5
    • Sucks to be me - they don't think it's a good idea!

      8.33% 4
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  4. by   manna
    Mine is really split - my family (mom/dad/grandparents/etc) are incredibly supportive. I'm really blessed.

    My husband, on the other hand... he wants to see me go to school, but he's not so confident that it should be in nursing. I think he fears I'm going to hate it, or be grossed out, etc.
  5. by   Mariannsi
    They (hubby and son) weren't always supportive but things have changed they now realize that I was meant to do this. And I will succeed.
  6. by   pbrookes
    My husband is very supportive. My Mother on the other hand
    thinks I am crazy, confused and need therapy. She can't understand why anyone in their right mind would change careers
    to become a nurse and get less money.

    I can't live for anyone but myself. All I can say is that it feels
    right and it makes me happy.
  7. by   sagelola
    It really depends...sometimes my dh is supportive, and sometimes he blames me for being in the rut we are in. I'll tell you that he can't wait until I am done and working, though! Other people (mother, father, in-laws, grandparents) are all over the place.
    At first my dad wasn't very supportive, thought I should go back to work and help support the family. But, I think that as he has seen me persist in my endeavor he has come to realize that I can do it and how important it is to me. He is very proud of the fact that I have 3 kids, limited money, and still a 4.0!
    My mother has never really said much on the subject...she herself went back to school when she was about 31, and now has a masters. She does think that nursing is a good can get a job anywhere.
    My mother in law has hardly been supportive at all, telling me she doesn't know what I'm going to do, that I shouldn't spend so much of my time away from the kids, I have a family I need to take care of, etc, etc.
    My father in law has been supportive, though he generally isn't the kind of guy to tell you these things, except every once in awhile. He has said my dh shouldn't move me, I am committed for 3 years to the program, and I think he thinks it is a good idea...what I am doing.
    Of everyone, my grandmother has been THE MOST SUPPORTIVE PERSON. She has told me that I can do it, to stick to it, and good job! I am so thankful just for her little words of encouragement.
    It must be hard for those who don't get any support, and I know it is difficult when some people don't support you!
  8. by   chiefswife
    Not only does my hubby support me, but my mom said she would help buy my uniforms and my in-laws give me money every semester!

    I guess I'm just one of the lucky ones!
  9. by   NATTY SN
    My parents and kids are very supportive. I wished that my husband was more supportive. He is sometimes but it always seem like when I need him the most he can't or won't recognize it.
    I just try to keep pushing foward.

  10. by   shyne
    Very happy about it.
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    The family is semi-supportive with the exception of my stepmom saying "you actually think you have what it takes?? HA!!". Surprise surprise we no longer speak, after i reminded her that i'm not the one that has started 3 different programs/classes, and quit within the first month. Don't need that much negativity in my life, i do fine on my own to see the negative side without any help .

    As for the s/o, he couldn't handle coming in 4th on my list of importance. Therefore, i am single
  12. by   maire
    Friends and family are VERY supportive, especially my hubby!
  13. by   nurse51rn
    My oldest son is very supportive - he reminds me when I need to study, reviews my papers (with a red pen) and is able to explain everything cellular to me). Other 2 kids think it is a waste of time. Hubby still thinks I'm too stupid and that it's a waste of money. Needless to say, I've put myself through ADN and BSN programs and have finished 2 semesters of MSN program while working fulltime. Biggest support is a friend who encourages me.
  14. by   hobbes
    Unfortunately, not much support. I often feel sometimes like my wife is trying to undermine my efforts entirely. It's very stressfull but I'm determined to continue forward. She only sees that our current household income will drop and I'll be making half as much as a nurse than what I'm doing now. What she doesn't understand no matter how I many times I explain it is that my days in my current field are numbered and there is no future or stability in it. Not to mention that I am really starting to hate going in to work. Oh well, it will be a tough next couple of years but it will all work out in the end.
  15. by   4loveoflife
    Chris/hobbes, in reading your post, i just want to say that she may not like it now, but once you can finally quit the job you hate, and are working in a field you love, that will be worth its weight in gold because your entire outlook is likely to change, less stress will equal a happier home life eventually. Keep your eye on the goal!

    As for me, my husband is ultra supportive. (praise god) He actually pushed me to make the change by making me sign a contract last xmas that stated I would indeed quit my job in the coming year to go to nursing school, after many broken promises i had made to myself out of fear of the unknown. Of course its easy for him to be supportive, he is an unhappy engineer making the transition to a pilot for hire, and thats a lot tougher and more poverty striken road then we are on.

    As for everyone else, family and such, they dont say much so I guess they dont have much of an opinion. Sometimes I wish they would ask me more questions, or something, anything!