How Does One Become a "Tech"?

  1. Been reading on here that many people, particularly nursing students work as "techs" in hospitals. This would be something I would like to do while I am in school, on a limited basis of course to supplement my income a bit and continue my experience in a hospital. How does one become a tech, and what is the training involved for the job?

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  3. by   PEBBLES1
    In my hospital, if you had at least 1 semester of clinical rotation on a medsurg floor, you can become a CNA.
  4. by   gillytook
    At our local hospitals, they will hire you after your first semester of a nursing program with clinicals. One of the student nurse allowing you to increase your responsibilities as you get signed off on your skills. Some students went to work as a HUC/UA before they began the nursing program. It is a secretarial/receptionist job on each unit that gave them experience with the computer system, tests and procedures. Others got the training to become monitor techs.
  5. by   intuition
    Our hospital requires you have a CNA in order to be a patient care tech. I was able to become a nurse tech, once I was within the last year of nursing school.
  6. by   motivated2nurse
    I actually did an externship in the summer and was hired as a tech afterwards.
  7. by   TheSquire
    Around me, hospitals require student nurses to have taken an assessment course and completed their med-surg clinical before hiring them as a tech - which means that students in my program can work as a tech after their second quarter.
  8. by   shrimpchips
    Depends on the hospital. Some require only 1 semester of clinical experience; some require 2; some require med-surg clinical experience; some require an STNA/CNA but in lieu of experience you can have a med-surg rotation instead; some also require letters of recommendation from your instructors.