How do you support yourself in Nursing School??

  1. I am taking prereq for nursing school starting this summer. I am concerned because once I am acutally in nursing school it seems that it will be extremely hard to hold a job and study. Can anyone offer me any advice?? How do you support yourself? Are there any scholarships or grants that will provide a liveable stipend?? Is financial aid enough to live on. I usually qualify for financial aid, but I am not sure that I could actually live off of it. I really want to do well in nursing school but I am just so afraid that I won't be able to keep financing my car, as well as other bills. Please help!
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  3. by   Truly_Blessed
    [font=Comic Sans MS]Well, I am a pre-nursing student also, and I had to quit my job because they did not want to work with my school schedule. I have not been able to obtain employment since August, and have had to live off of left over grant money. I am also a single mother, so I am taking full advantage of any welfare i can get my hands stamps, medicaid HUD housing, etc. I have also been lucky enough to recieve finacial help from my parents who are willing to invest in my future from time to time. All I can say is: get a summer job and save, save, save. That's what i plan on doing. It helps a little. If you are single I really don't know what to tell you. But, if you are a single parent then I would sign up for every thing welfare has to offer and not feel bad about it.
  4. by   PRNMEDS
    Difficult to work and go to Nursing school. Try getting job in hospital as aide. Psych hospital as aide - especialy on overnight is good spot. Good luck
  5. by   klone
    I'm very fortunate that I telecommute, as well as have a home business, so my work is at home. I'm still extremely busy, but at least I can set my own hours and work around my school schedule.
  6. by   manna
    I'm taking out as many scholarships and applying for as many grants as possible. Luckily, looks like I'll get enough to cover expenses and have some left over for living expenses. I'll probably take out loans to cover the rest. I'm also fortunate that I have a really supportive family who's going to help me through the next two years (I guess they see it as a long term investment!)

    The HRSA scholarship offers a stipend in addition to covering school related expenses, but not sure how tough it is to qualify for/receive.

    Good luck!
  7. by   Spoiled1
    Thanks guys! Your input was very helpful. I am not a single mother, my hat goes off to you TRULYBLESSED! I am actually trying to get my med tech certification so I could get a job in the hospital. Thanks again!!
  8. by   Achoo!
    Scholarship, time management, working part-time, and a supporting husband. We pay live paycheck to paycheck, but hey we'll get by
  9. by   Spoiled1
    Does anyone know of any really good scholarships and grants to apply for??
  10. by   twish
    same here, grants and ofcourse "mom grants" hehehe
  11. by   shyne
    I live with my parents, but still work a couple of hours on Sat and Sundays.
  12. by   nursebedlam
    l worked 10hr night shifts on sat/sun nights, used to get a bit of study done at work
  13. by   purplemania
    I worked full time while in school. Do not recommend it but felt I had no choice. The good news is, when I graduated I did not owe anybody anything! Even a part-time job in a hospital will give you some cash and you will be learning the language, etc. Good luck!
  14. by   scrubs70
    Studying nursing, whilst trying to support a wife and 3 daughters, on a pension which totals about $6000 less than our government deems is the poverty level.
    I don't recommend it, but hey we get by.