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Nursing school is expensive. Many people have used student loans, scholarships, VA loans, grants, and even worked through school to pay for their education. The main reason for this thread is to... Read More

  1. by   kvinnaRN
    I opted to get my ADN first and went to a community college. I received some grants and scholarships but paid for the majority of tuition out-of-pocket. I now work for a hospital that provides tuition assistance so I may get my BSN virtually for free. Trying to convince other nursing students (who went to 4 year universities) that I was still a well-qualified RN even though I only had a 2 year degree was (and still is) quite the challenge. I chose the cheaper route because I did not want student loans, but then I got ridiculed by others.
  2. by   Gotiffany
    My education is paid for by scholarships,grants, and a part-time job... thankgoodness.

    -Full-Tuition Scholarship
    -Florida bright futures Academic Scholarship
    -Foundation Scholarships
    -First Generation Scholarship

    All of this pays for my nursing school and all the money (from the grants and scholarships listed above) I get back after school expenses goes to help pay bills for my living expenses.

    I go to a state-college (which was a community college)! It's cheaper and people are silly to think that you can't get a proper education at a community college! It also now offers a BSN program.
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    Sounds dangerous.