How accurate is ER anyway?

  1. I LOVE watching NBC's ER, but have you ever noticed noone washes their hands (i.e., between patients)?
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  3. by   angelac1978
    or that the nurses and doctors handle the x-ray equipment? c'mon where are the rad techs? I couldn't believe last week's episode where Luka gave a kid a skull x-ray just because the kid thought it was cool! and this after he wouldn't order a CT for a man w/ appendicitis because it "wasnt' necessary"!

  4. by   #1rnstudent
    I know! LOL And how about all those people wearing Littmanns (some have even changed the diaphragm to a plain one, but regular viewers know the steth is the same)! Does 3M pay the actors to wear them, or do they just get whatever model they get on their first day of filming from the prop department? I wish 3M would pay me to wear a Littmann. LOL
  5. by   nurseshawna
    ha!!! i noticed that about the littmans too!!!!
  6. by   wonderbee
    The MDs are always intubating. Respiratory intubates whenever possible. The MDs transport the patients to the diagnostic testing areas. I'd like to see that happen where I work... just once.
  7. by   RedSox33RN
    I think it's funny when someone comes in with a bellyache, and before they even do a blood test or put their hands on the pt, they request a surgical consult.

    I watch some of the reruns on TNT sometimes during the day, and there was a REALLY old one where Carol was wheeling in (with Doc Greene) a woman in labor. As they're rushing the still-clothed woman down the hall to an exam room, she's asks, "Are you going to do an episiotomy?" I LOL at that!
  8. by   Nurse-o-Matic
    I also think it's pretty funny to see 8 doctors and no nurses, etc. in a room with one patient. When does that ever happen in real life?