HIV lab test

  1. Our unit has built in wall units outside the pts rooms (we call them walleroos)the charts are kept there. Anyway, they open up and the Kardex is taped on the inside. The ward clerk writes memos on the kardex reminding us of new orders, labs, etc. Today, she had written on my pts kardex-- in big letters --HIV TEST--I pointed it out to the charge nurse and she immediately marked it out. We have the walleroos open when we are charting and any passer by could have seen it, the pt's names are on the outside of the walleroo, also. This is a small community and you know how gossip gets started. I hope I did the right thing.
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  3. by   sunnygirl272
    yes....and the ward clerk shoulda been written up in my lowly opinion!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   baseline
    Yep, you did good.
  5. by   meownsmile
    woohhhh,, HIPPA would have a hayday with that one. And i would summize they will have to change their procedure of having the patients name on the outside of theses things too. That will also be a big no no come April.
    Im also thinking the LTC facilities will have to stop the practice of putting patients names on the outside of doors also. That has always seemed like a big breech of confidenciality to me. But that is just me,, i have always disliked those nice little Kindergarten style pictures they put patients names in, just seems patronizing, and disrespectful to our older and wiser generation. Sorry I know its off the original subject,,, but ive always hated that about LTC facilities.
  6. by   RNonsense
    ya done good.
  7. by   emily_mom
    Good job on working to protect pt confidentiality! People do spread things in small hospitals....and no one needs to know these things...

  8. by   goober4699
    oh my gosh! I myself am a unit clerk (unit secretary, ward clerk etc...) and if we ever did that it would be an automatic write up. In fact when testing for HIV, doctors normally don't write "HIV test" on the chart. It is written very differently. I can't quite remember how because being per-diem I rarely see it anyway but I know thats not how it's written. An HIV consent form is filled out and a social worker is typically present to do a risk assesment and pre-counseling session. I am sure that the nurse would be aware of this type of test being performed. Just out of curiosity don't the nurses do chart checks? They would surely know of any orders and would not have to rely on a clerks reminder. JCHAO would be having a fit if they saw patients orders being posted at the nurses station.