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    This is the first thread i've posted, i'm still new at this so bear with me..:roll... i'm a homeschooled student and i was wondering if any of you out there know about what's steps i should take as far as testings and stuff go i.e SAT, ACT in order to get into nursing school ... Also, how are universities on accepting homeschooled students these days
    Thanks and have an awesome Christmas!
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    To answer your question, do you know where you want to go to school? I would talk to an academic advisor at that school (have a list of questions with you to ask them as they tend to rush you). I would also talk to the guidance counselor at your local high school about the tests. perhaps they can sign you up for the tests or tell you how to go about doing that yourself. I would recommend asking the academic adivsor at your college about which tests they prefer you to take, or just take all available tests as some schools only look at the results of certain tests when weighing you against other students for admissions. Also, if you are wanting to go to school next fall, you had better hurry as many schools deadlines are approaching, if not already passed. good luck, and email me (l_e_mae@hotmail.com) if you have any more questions
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    I agree with the above poster---talk to your advisor at your school or at the university that you want to attend.

    Good luck to you.
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    Most schools have copies of the student handbook on the internet and it should have the requirements there. I attend school in Miami and our handbook has a section.

    Good Luck

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    As a homeschooling vet of nearly 20 years <I'm the mom!> I think I can add to this a bit

    I currently have 2 in college right now...SATs ACTs can be taken.. (PSAT is the qualifier for National Merit Scholarships)
    You can get information from the local high school. Online, do a search for College Board Testing <I think that's it...)

    Keep working at it. Colleges are now *recruiting* home educated kids!!