Hep B waiver? Sounds fishy

  1. My program has informed me that I must sign a statement that says that I refuse the Hep B series and I understand the dangers of not being immunized,one being my possible death, and that I take full responsibility for any complications from Hep B. If I don't sign this statement I will not be allowed to attend clinicals.

    My problem with this action is that I have had two doses in the series and the very same form has a box to check on it that says I'm currently in the process of obtaining the series. I turned that form in yesterday with the box checked that says that I am in the process,but they say that I have not turned in my waiver(because I haven't checked the box that says I refused the Hep B). I'm sure my form will continue to be "lost" until I sign away thier responsibility.

    Is the Hep B series that ineffective? Do I have anything to worry about?

    What actions can I take that will hold them responsible?

    My deadline is Thursday morning.
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  3. by   StudentSandra
    Did you give them a copy of your shot record stating you already had the first 2? That is all that's required at my school, now if it was time for the third one and you didn't get it, that would be different.
    Peeps, your school as some of those Hmmmmm rules. LOL
  4. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    They got the shot record because we had Tetnus,Diptheria,and a couple of others.

    My series is on schedule.

    Another side note: They are claiming that there is titre required after the series.

    In all,it's about a years worth of shots to complete.

    We recieved the requirements at the orientation before the titre requirement. Since the orientation was well less than a year ago,no student could comply.

    The school and the clinical facility are off the hook and have no responsibility to protect us from exposure.

    It's a financial loss I can't afford.
  5. by   llg
    You'll probably be faced with similar decisions (and similar forms to sign) throughout your career. No institution (school or hospital) can afford to assume the financial risk for people who enter the clinical arena without having had the vaccine. Every hospital I have ever worked for has had a similar form. They offer the vaccine -- and if you choose not to get it from them, or to begin working prior to receiving it, you assume the risk.

  6. by   memphispanda
    I refused the third Hep B vaccine. The second one made me sick sick sick--I thought my arm was going to rot off.

    I had a titer done and it was way high, so my school accepted that. They require a titer anyway, but since I already had a high titer they didn't require the third vaccination. I don't know if you can get a titer back by Thursday, but maybe that would be a way out.

    Peeps, forgive me, but I think I'm confused. Bear with me as I haven't had my morning Pepsi....

    Do you plan on getting the third vaccine, it just isn't time yet? Or are you refusing to get the third one? I don't really want to comment until I understand.....

    I refused the third Hep B vaccine. The second one made me sick sick sick--I thought my arm was going to rot off.
    It sounds to me more like the technique of the person that gave the vaccine than the vaccine itself. Did you react the same way with the first shot? Did the same person administer it? I believe it is the same vaccine for all three administrations.

  8. by   Ortho_RN
    I know they require a titre because many peoples body refuses the vaccine, so this way if your titre isn't high enough then they would make you repeat the series... Luckily mine was fine Those shots are expensive but thank god for workin in a hospital
  9. by   Mkue
    I had only completed one dose of the series when I started clincials, that was fine for my program. I will probably give them a copy of the next two doses.
  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Let me be clear,

    I am going through the Hep B series. I have finished the second and will have the third in November(within the 4 month window since the first) and then get the titre.

    I do want to have the vaccine.

    I am complying with the protocol, but my school is insisting that I sign that I refuse the vaccine , understand the risks of refusing the vaccine,and take full responsibility for my refusal.

    It seems to relinquish the responsibility of the clinical site and my school for unsafe conditions that would expose me.

    If I do not sign that I refuse the vaccine(which is a lie) then I cannot attend clinicals. I am on my own.
  11. by   fergus51
    Then can't you get a sheet that says you know your series is not complete and you may not be immune but you take that risk anyways? Because if you do choose to go into clinical now, you do know the risks and I don't think the school should be responsible for you. Either that or wait for your shots to start clinical.
  12. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    That is similar to the box that i marked.

    It stated that I was in the process of getting the series.

    My school says that they don't have my waiver if I don't check that I have refused.

    In other words,they won't accept the form unless I check that I refuse the series.

    I'll have to sign under duress. If I get Hep B, nobody but me will know that I didn't refuse and I'm sure my insurance company would use that to not pay the bill either.

    I'm twisting in the wind.

    BTW, the series was doable if we had known that it takes 6 months to complete. At our orientation we were only told to get the Hep B shots.
  13. by   fergus51
    Well, I gues their point is that you refused to get it before going in to clinical. Which you will have to do or wait to go to clinical which wills crew up your schooling.
    So you plan on getting the last shot, it just won't be done in time, and they won't let you start clinical unless you sign that you're refusing it.

    Yup. Could be damned if you do, damned if you don't. Bummer. Watcha gonna do?