Hep B 12 days early or I am out!!!

  1. Does anybody know anything about the Hep B shot being given early???My last shot is due Feb. 24 and we start clinicals on the 12th. i have got a tider done but i only showed +3( could it be low because i am sick??). I dont know what to do the office that gave me the first2 said they would not do it early and every where else is saying that it has to be done at that office, so am i just screwed or is there something else somebody knows!!???
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  3. by   Bonny619
    If you are in the process of getting your shots, I don't see why you would be out. We were given all of 1st semester do get our 3 shots and we were doing clinicals.
  4. by   caliotter3
    In this case, over just 12 days, sounds like both parties are being unreasonable.
  5. by   NeosynephRN
    We were also OK'd for clinicals as long as we were in the process of being immunized. I would talk to your school and tell them the situation and get a letter from your DR if necessary!
  6. by   donna64
    We were given the option of taking the shots or signing a waiver that we refused the shots. Can you sign the waiver and still take the shots? Our school just required that if we got them we were in the process of getting them and they were completed before the start of the second semester. Sounds like a weird way to put students out. I mean you can't make the Drs office give it to you early if they refuse. Keep us updated and good luck.