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I have a unique problem with my Fundamentals course, our instructor doesn't teach! I know there are a lot of bad nursing instructors out there but most of the time they aren't the chair of the... Read More

  1. by   Lovely_RN
    Daytonite, I think you hit it right on the money. This instructor is in her 60s and has an "old school" approach to nursing.

    Unfortunatley, blowing off class is not an option. If I told you how many hours I spend in school you wouldn't believe me. This is basically an all day everday program. It's a 1+1 being that we are doing LPN this year and RN next year, no pre-req's were accepted so we are doing it all over the course of two years.

    I am going to think very carefully about my next move. I was really mad when I posted this but now that I have cooled off I am going to wait a little while longer and try some different tactics to see if things improve.

    I had an inkling that she was playing mind games with the class but what Daytonite posted has sort of confirmed it for me. I truly find it hard to believe that every single person is failing because while there are a few slackers (there are always some of those) there are people who are super anal about getting the work done.
  2. by   healthexec
    I can totally relate to your problem. I am having the same issue at my school so I have been teaching myself as well. There is a great book that I learned about from this forum that has been invaluable for me with the 1st part of Fundamentals in which I got an "A" and I am still using it for part II of Fundamentals and hoping to have the same success. The name of the book is "Fundamentals Success- a course review applying critical thinking to test taking" by Patricia Nugent and Barbara Vitale. It has Critical Thinking exams for every part of Fundamentals. So read the chapter in Potter and Perry, then take the appropriate exam and review the rationales for why you got the right answer right as well as the rationales for all the wrong choices etc. If you can get through these exams, you shoul be able to get through your Funadmentals Class. So far it has been working for me in spite of the teacher. I just go to my class to sign the attendance roster because our teacher is a complete joke so I can feel your pain.
  3. by   rags
    Most colleges (if not all) have a board that you can go to with grievances. You can also go the your state board of nursing. The approve the curriculum of each nursing school in the state and they also was the passing average and make schools accountable.

    There is just a few options. Like you said, you are paying for this education. Self study is a necessary part of nursing school and in itself very beneficial... when it is done right.

    Good luck to you!