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Hello, I know in a past thread, I had asked for schedule ideas. This one a little different. My husband works the graveyard shift and is out of the house from 9:30pm until 6:30am seven days a week... Read More

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    I understand what you are saying and luckily I do have family... they just can't help until they are off of work, though... so after four or five each day.
    sorry i just read the reply about you haveing disregard my last reply...
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    Okay, this won't be popular...we're "supposed" to be able to do everything, but have you considered postponing school until your youngest begins kindergarten? Maybe you can get some pre-reqs done online. Then you can enjoy your children, they can enjoy their mommy and you'll get outside to see if there are children in the neighborhood. Plus, you'll be able to see your husband when he's not sleeping!
    Like I said, this won't be popular, but its undeniable that school will still be around whenever you decide to go, but your children won't stay little very long at all.
    Yeah... that's not going to happen. I honestly believe it'll be much easier to go to school while the children are younger rather than older. The reason is that when they are older, they will have more things to do... extracurricular activities, projects, homework, things that need more of my time. Also, while they are young now, they won't really remember how much mommy was gone at school versus when they are older. Plus, I've been working so hard on getting all my pre-reqs done. I'm not going to stop now. The longer I wait, the longer I'm stuck in this position!

    Thanks, though!
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    Quote from nursetobe_2010
    are you in the program yet?
    beacause when you start clinicals there are times when you have to go early in the morning to pick patients...or you might have to go the night you have family around that could help out?
    Yes, I start the actual program next week. I just found out today that I don't start the clinicals until the end of October, so I have a bit of time to plan. Could I go the night before to pick out my pts? I didn't think I could do that.

  4. by   cursedandblessed
    when you go to pick patients is up to your college and instructor. you're hubby's going to have to sleep priority 1!! if you can find a high school student who gets out early perhaps you could hire them in the afternoons cheaply, and you're hubby could sleep and she/he could watch the little ones. i'm not usually one to suggest teenagers as sitter's, but your hubby would be in the house in case of an emergency.
  5. by   mRpeNa
    it really depends on your instructors...i know one semester they did because we had to do some paper work on the disease process of what was going on with your patient done by the time you started that morning...
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    If you have family then you need to sit down with them and see if they will commit to helping out and then get a specific commitment from them.

    I commit to look after my niece 12 hours every week for my sister (I am the one at school but that is not the point) as she is a single parent. I do more during the summer. It has been like this for five years.

    Your husbands sleep is a safety issue (as well as health) -- it will make him more prone to accidents (car or at work).