Help! Choosing a clinical job

  1. Hi everyone!

    I am just finishing up my first semester of an ADN program. I have not worked in a clinical setting before outside of a chiropractor's office as a massage therapist. I have been adviced by my facilitator that I should get a health care position asap. So I have started looking as my 100 clinical hours qualify me to do CNA/clinical associate level work.


    I applied at a local hospital for a clinical associate position. The one they are offering me is on a floor with cancer patients, end of life care, oncology, detox/overdose and geriatrics. An RN friend has told me she thinks this will be an awful first experience for me and that I should hold out for a med/surg assignment or look at working in long term care or assisted living. The HR person just left a message and I need to get back to her.

    Help! Thoughts?

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  2. Poll: What 1st CNA/CA job should nursing student take:

    • Clinical associate on busy end of life/detox/oncology/geriatric floor of hospital

      87.50% 7
    • CNA at assisted living facility

      0% 0
    • CNA at long term care facility

      0% 0
    • HHA, home health aid

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    • Other

      12.50% 1
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  4. by   brownbook
    It does sound like a hard, busy, unit to work in. But if you are a youngish, healthy, eager to learn A LOT, nursing student, it sounds like a great opportunity to me.

    I'm hoping, assuming, it is a well run, well staffed unit. But any nursing job you get, even the ones your friend suggested, can be a job from hell if the unit is not well run or well staffed.
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    Take what you are offered. You could very well end up really liking it and learning a bunch. You're not really in a position to bargain.
  6. by   Krisann2014
    Thank you for the feedback! I'm 48 and pretty healthy. I called my advisor today at school and she was like TAKE THE HOSPITAL JOB. Hahaha
  7. by   not.done.yet
    Yep. You want the hospital job, for sure, over LTC/SNF. If you are well liked, have a great work ethic, arrive on time and get along with others and the patients, there is a good chance this can be your foot in the door to an acute care position after you graduate.

    Best of luck and congratulations on getting the job!
  8. by   AnnieNP
    Definitely take the hospital job. You will learn a lot and also make professional contacts! Congratulations.