Help Care plans UGH!

  1. I am just asking for some help on my Teaching care plan I have such a time with it I have tried to put one together for three days and I am just stumped and I really dont know why its so difficult I was hoping someone could get me started like give me ideals on it... the patient was a female 56 her diagnosis Ulcerative colitis and I need to teach her stuff LOL So like I was thinking Knowledge readiness for enhanced R/T unfamiliarity with condition, medications, and diet As evidenced by "I want to know more about this condition, like how to eat and what meds I will have to take"

    We have to have 2 short term goals and one long term and 5 interventions this is where i get totally stuck UGH! Help please
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  3. by   RNSuzq1
    Hi Angel,

    I'm sending a site I used all through school to do my care plans. Just follow the instructions and it will generate a plan for you - it comes up with a Nursing Diagnosis, big list of goals, interventions, etc. Saved me and all my classmates tons of time, let me know if this helps. Sue..
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  4. by   Achoo!
    For short term outcomes you could have that the pt will verbalize "blah blah" by the end of the shift. Whether it be signs and symptoms to report, how to take meds properly, whatever it is she needs help with.

    You could also do " pt will demonstrate blah blah by the end of the shift."
  5. by   Daytonite
    Goals are usually determined from the defining characteristics (symptoms) the patient is exhibiting. In this case your patient has told you that she wants to know more about her condition, what she should be eating and what medications she will have to take. Those will become your goals, like this:
    Short term:
    • At the end of one week (or whatever time deadline you want to put on this) the patient will be able to list the medications she is on, what each of them is for and how each is helping her ulcerative colitis.
    • At the end of one week (or whatever time deadline you want to put on this) the patient will be able to list at least five foods that she must avoid as well as five foods she will be able to eat on her diet.
    • By discharge the patient will have read the printed information about ulcerative colitis given to her and discuss the signs and symptoms of an exacerbation and what she should do.
    Long term:
    • By XXX the patient will have attended a meeting of a community support group for people with ulcerative colitis and met and talked with other patients there with the same condition.
    The important thing that you need to take note of here is that you must have nursing interventions that address these goals, and that your goals reflect back on what your patient's problems are. So, if you were to use any of these particular goals (and I'm not suggesting that you do, just listing them as examples for you), you would have interventions to match with them, such as:
    • Instruct patient on the reason for each medication she is receiving.
    • Instruct patient on the signs and symptoms to be alert for each medication she is taking.
    • Evaluate patient's comprehension of instruction given by having her tell the purpose for each medication as she is taking it.
    • Discuss the community ulcerative colitis support group with the patient and why this would be a good resource for her to become involved in.
    • Provide the patient with printed material on ulcerative colitis from the patient learning resources library.
    Do you see how it all links together?
  6. by   angelwings33
    Wow thank you all for the help I am working on it as we speak thanks bunches you guys are the best!