Hello Everyone Guess What Today Was My First Day For Clinicals!

  1. Let me just say this, I can see why nurses get burned out! IT really wasnt what I expect but then again I really didnt know what to expect... All we did was bed bath's and Vital signs... I couldnt even get that right (vitals) I was real nervous. but after the day was over I did pretty well with the vital signs... What I didnt understand was there were a couple of nurses that were out so there was a shortage, and the nurse that we did have to report to Didnt know NOTHING! didnt want to be BOTHERED!!! IT was horrible... Some of the patients hadnt been bath in days OR had there bed linen changed!

    When I left there I was tired and my legs ached! MY husabnd said because Im not use to standing on them... I told me husband I dont know IF I want to work in a hospital, I dont know maybe it will get better...
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  3. by   canoehead
    Not everywhere is like that, but some are. Remember that when you get out of school you can pick your employer and your working conditions to a point. The good part about working in that environment is that everything you do will be appreciated, and those patients really need your help.
  4. by   Carolanne
    Sounds like you got thrown right into a real mess! Yikes! But not every day will be like that. Give yourself credit that you survived it, learned and saw lots of new things, and you can feel a sense of pride about that. Pace yourself, try not to get overwhelmed, and most of all, don't feel like you have to take on everyone else's job. Where I did my clinicals last semester, some of the older nurses love to see a student coming -- they throw all the odd ball jobs at them and I ended up missing dinner break a couple of times. I finally woke up and said "excuse me, I'll be back to help you soon. I'm taking my break now." Also, I invested in a good pair of support insoles to tuck into my shoes which helped with the burning and aching feet. They help! Good luck!
  5. by   glascow
    Welcome to nursing!
  6. by   PennyLane
    Originally posted by Born2BAnurse
    When I left there I was tired and my legs ached! MY husabnd said because Im not use to standing on them... I told me husband I dont know IF I want to work in a hospital, I dont know maybe it will get better...
    sorry you had such a bad day
    Don't know if this will work for you, but when I was waitressing I took 400 IUs of vitamin E and my legs would not ache. I could always tell if I'd remembered to take it or not---hey, it could help and make your day a tad better.

    Take care.
  7. by   debralynn
    I got me a pair of Ted Hose. They made my legs feel
    M-A-R-V-E-L-O-U-S! Don't worry, it will get better. At first, thats all I did, was to give baths, and take vitals.
    It will be all worth it when your first patient tells you how glad they are to see the students come, because they get so much more attention. (yes I know this is because of understaffing)
    Also, invest in some really good shoes(New Balance is what I like)! Good Luck!
  8. by   nynurse2b
    I can remember everything about my first clinical day....As a first semester nursing student you are really limited to the types of things you can do, but it was only your first day so bathing and vitals sounds about right!!!! As the weeks of my first semester went on I found a new respect for the job of a nurse. Since most hospitals are almost always short staffed Nurses are faced with so much adversity to go along with pt care. As time goes on and your education increases you will begin to understand how things flow on a unit and you will also be able to do more things with your pt's.

    Good luck and Welcome to Nursing!!!!
  9. by   stillsmilin
    I promise it DOES get better! Our first clinicals were in a nursing home. I thought all I would do is clean up bm all day. When we got to the hospital I was almost surprised that most of the pt.s were continent.
    I've been doing an externship in the ER this summer and its sooo different than our 1st experiences. You will get through this and you do get used to being on your feet. Hang in there!

    (I've got 2 semesters to go!!!!)
  10. by   Born2BAnurse
    thanks everyone for your support
  11. by   MelH
    All I can say is get some nurse mates (shoes). It helps tons and your feet and legs wont hurt so bad. You will get use to it after a while. good luck! (I have nurse mates --at first I had new balance tennis shoes--I hurt so bad it wasn't funny but then I got the nurse mates and haven't had a problem since. It's like walking on air~!