1. I am 18 and just starting college this fall. I'm just taking the Pre-Req's for all classes. I am interested in the medical field of RN, Pediatric Nurse, Neo-Natal Nurse, Radiology, or Sonogramist. I am still trying to decide which one is for me. I hope to use whatever field I decide while on missions in other countries.
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    hello!!! and welcome!! good luck to you this semester.

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    Thank you Shonda. I'm taking 18 hrs. this 1st semester. Looking into starting nursing school next fall.
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    Hi! Welcome to the group.

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    Welcome and good luck in which ever field you decide to persue. They are all great and I'm sure you will do fine in any of them.

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    and welcome!
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    Welcome, best of luck to you!
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    hello!!! and welcome!!!
    best of luck in school!!!
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    Hello and WELCOME!
    Good luck with school!

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    Thank you all I am wondering, is there anyone on here from Mississippi?