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Has anyone here ordered books from half.com? I was considering this to save some money. I was wondering if anyone had any problems. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   mixyRN
    I ordered 3 books on Dec 15th and 2 of them have already arrived, but I did choose expedited shipping for them instead of media mail. Both books are in great condition and exactly as described. Half.com has saved me a bundle on certain books! I always google search my books and then compare with all online merchants before making my purchase.

    p.s. I have probably purchased over 15 books in the past 3 years off of half.com and have never had problems, but I check out the seller first before purchasing. I used to be an ebay powerseller before going to NS so I always check seller feedback. I also sell my books on either half.com or ebay and generally get pretty good prices for them.
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  2. by   mixyRN
    Quote from Lori RN_09_2b
    I've used Half.com a few times and was happy each time. I saved lots of money, then I sold the books back on Half.com for the same price I bought them. Basically like renting the books for a few months.
    It is soooo nice to sell them back for at or near the price I paid... like she said it is almost like renting them.
  3. by   catzy5
    Quote from studentnurseCB
    Has anyone here ordered books from half.com? I was considering this to save some money. I was wondering if anyone had any problems. Thanks.

    I did when I ordered my chemistry book, I ordered it using the ISBN number, they said the numbers matched but still sent me an old edition, I couldn't use it and still needed to purchase the new one at the book store after.

    I have been getting my new books at BN I bought the 25.00 a year membership and have saved quite a bit.
  4. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    I ordered almost all my books from half.com! I saved $100's of dollars. Be careful to read the salers feedback and rating and go from there! Good luck!
  5. by   kukukajoo
    I am surprised by problems mentioned above. I have only had one bad experience with Half.com and was refunded, but it took a while. I have saved tons andtons of money there. I also use Amazon marketplace and compare prices and take into consideration their ship rates are different. If you can order a lot of books from same seller on hal.com they combine and you save lots on shipping there.

    I watch seller's feedback and number of completed orders they have done, how long they have been a seller.

    They do have dispute resolution which is much easier to use than it used to be and possibly the other buyers above could still get thier money backk.

    One caveat- if you are totally pressed to have the book fast be careful. In some instances I have taken a copy out from the library if they have it until my order comes in.

    Alibris is also another good book place.

    Oh and check out www.paperbackswap.com Cool place for books that you just pay postage on to send.