Guy in nursing school....experiences??

  1. I am a guy and will be starting my nursing classes next week. Can any of you relate your experiences at having a guy in the class? I would especially like to hear from other men. I'm guessing I will be one of a small handful of men in the program (judging from my advising session...I was the only guy among like 20 nursing students in the room for advising). In your experiences, is there much prejudice among women in the profession against men? Thanks!
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  3. by   NurseWeasel
    I like diversity. I'm a female, but I wanted to reply that I think having an alternate viewpoint is always a good thing. Men and women often have different perspectives and ways of thinking, which is nice.

    Besides, without getting into harassment zone, it's always fun to gently and harmlessly flirt. Then again, I don't discriminate, lol. Flirting for everyone, all ages & sexes & appearances welcome!

    Clarification: I strive not to offend. If someone is uncomfortable I stop. I just love laughing and teasing and having a good time with friends, and somehow that always ends up in a flirty environment. What's not to love about feeling good about yourself? Exactly.
  4. by   essarge
    We had one guy in our class. He was a wonderful person and a good student. He never had any problems being the only one. Unfortunately, this past weekend, he was called to active duy. But God willing he will stay safe and be able to return to us next year.

    Have fun in school! It's an experience that you will never forget!
  5. by   nursbee04
    When my program started out, there were about four or five guys in it. In my opinion, they weren't treated any differently than we were. We (the female students) treated them just the same. One was about six five and looked like a lumberjack -- he took alot of ribbing about his bedside manner, but it was all in fun (comments like "wouldn't wanna see you walking towards ME with a needle..."). Good luck!
  6. by   christinemj
    We have 5 male students in our class of 40. I've already had occasion to speak with 3 of them in only 2 days of classes...and golly, I'm just thrilled that they are in my class.

    We had to pair up for skills testing for next wek. I just "assumed" that some of the guys would pair up, since we'll be doing assessments on our partner in a hospital gown. Nope, there are now 5 mixed-gender pairs. I was rather impressed.
  7. by   RNonsense
    I had 5 in our class of 72. I now work with 3 male regular staff on our unit and they are truly no different than everyone else!!

    One peeve matter what we do ( female nurses) patients STILL seem to call male nurses " Doctor" and thank them profusely...grrrrrrr I hate to admit it, but they do seem to get a bit more respect.
  8. by   emily_mom
    We only have two left in our class. It's funny because the little old ladies think they are docs and just hang on their every word. We wear name pins and announce that we are students, but they disregard that.

    I was walking a Med-Surg pt last year for Lee, and when we walked past him, she said, "That's my new doctor. Isn't he a looker?" Lee is 52 and a big schmoozer. I think she was in love with him.

  9. by   RNIAM
    I wanted to let you know that our class have about 5 guys in it and they're all great! I love em. They fit in well and offer some great insight into nursing!
  10. by   megmermaid
    I think that sometimes the opposite of discrimination happens for men in a traditionally woman dominated profession. Most of the men I work with do get more respect and I've heard stats about how men get promoted faster... This is of course not true all the time but men I work with do seem to get the benefit of the doubt(with patients, docs,etc.) where I usually have to prove myself.

    Sorry I kind of started rambling...I think you'll do great in nursing so long as you work hard and apply yourself.
  11. by   litepath
    ~~Hey...Good luck!!
    I am a man in my last semester of nursing school. There is another male in my class with me out of thirty. You didn't say what age you were but me being older than all of my peers and a couple of instructors has been...sometimes a bit strange. But, i believe it is because I am in a different locale than I had been living before, so I knew none of these folks, plus we really weren't of like minds. However, we all have managed somehow to not let superflous things interfere with the task at hand. We all hold hands and pray before tests and we share as much information as possible. Meanwhile, others that posted about Missus so and so calling the guy's Doctor, is not unusual. These folks are like many in society who still view nursing as a womans work and Doctoring as a mans work. I cannot tell you how many times that same thing has occurred to me, even with my Mother! When asked if I was "going to be a Doctor, I just said,"today i want to be a good nursing student" and after I graduate, a good nurse. and I left it at that. Nursing school is difficult, there is no doubt, but keep smiling and being thankful, you're getting to do what it is that you want!
  12. by   Gromit
    My class started with 3 men (myself included), one washed-out at the end of fundamentals. My experience has been varied. My fellow students and I get along just fine, but I have had some clinical instructors that refused to give me female patients (nevermind that in the hospital I work at, I encounter far more female patients than male ones -just the way the census works), and yet have had other clinical instructors that pay no attention to the gender of the patient (as one put it, you will get what you get, as a student as well as in your professional career).

    Overall, I've enjoyed it, and look forward to finishing up.
  13. by   BritishStudent
    I get asked "so why dont you want to be a doctor?" allot (answer: im not that good at being anti-social and saidistic)