Grades are in!!

  1. I just got my grades for second semester... Straight A's!!!! :hatparty: I'm so excited! One more year to go
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Yeaa You!!
  4. by   Jen2
    Congrats to you. It goes by soooo fast. Before you know it you'll be done.
  5. by   RainDreamer
    great job!!!!!!!!
  6. by   Imafloat
  7. by   Twinkie1
    WoW that's great! Congratulations :hatparty:
  8. by   hikernurse
    Woo hoo! Way to go--I'll bet you're feeling great right now. Hopefully you can enjoy the summer (not that school's not fun )
  9. by   giftedRN

    Congrats, I am in my third semester now and hope to graduate april 2006. We all can do it, we just need encouragements. :chuckle .

    Good luck!