Fundamentals of Nursing need help on studying

  1. Help me please!
    I just took a test today and i did not do so hot.
    I study by reading the textbook for my class, and another book that pertains to the class.
    In my class weve had 2 exams so far. In the 1st exam, i did 72% which is not enough since a C=79%. Now in the 2nd exam, i did 82% which is a C, but I needed 87% so i can compensate for the first exam score. Now, Im at risk for failing the class if i dont get enough next tests to balanced out my test average to at least a C/79%.
    I need help with with studying. I really want to do good. And if possible I really want to work hard so I can have the chance to get a B in the class since its only the 2nd exam.
    AFter the 1st test, i was nervous of my score, so I read the chapters thoroughly and did supplemental reading from the other book. And yet i still didnt get the score i needed today.
    Can i please have some advice. Im looking for study tips and possibly other free resources to study for fundamentals. I know theres a book called fundamental success... but, im actually on a budget and i cant buy other books. im just looking for tips and whatnot.

    please and thanks.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    You have a couple of choices. One is to increase your book budget-- you will be buying books far after you have left school. You can't ask for help with resources and discard one of the best ones out of hand like that.

    Another, which I don't see you contemplating, is to run, do not walk, to your faculty office hours and ask them where they see your weaknesses and what they think you should do to address them. They have a lot of practice in exactly that, and have the advantage over us in that they can see your actual examination and go over it line by line c you.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Stephalump
    Have you checked your school's library? Mine has a pretty decent selection of nursing supplemental books and apparent,y I'm the only one in the entire nursing program who uses them...all of them are ALWAYS available. Even then, I understand your pain. Despite freebies I still hemorrhage money on books. Just spent another $75 on Med-Surg Success and a clinical companion. But it has to be done!
  5. by   blackvans1234
    Is there peer tutoring offered at your school?
    Also see your instructor.

    Do you have a study group?
  6. by   erica2117
    I always found I did much better in my fundamentals class by using the practice questions that come in the fundamentals book and make flash cards with important information
  7. by   ImKosher
    I would recommend Fundamentals Success and utilizing your books online resources. There is a lot of valuable information for you supplied by your book online. You can also have a sit down with your professors. Ask them questions like what is the best way to study, testing strategy and text anxiety. Ask your school about testing tutoring. These are great in helping you learn strategies while taking the test. Good Luck.
  8. by   bellafsu89
    I have a fundamentals success book and it helps greatly. I'm in fundamentals as well. I struggle with disecting the information in the question and the NCLEX format the test is in. The fundamentals success book will prime your mind to think like a nurse. Its not the information in fundamentals that is the hard part - its the testing style...for me at least. So before each test I do so many supplemental questions and it helps me a great deal! GOod luck!!
  9. by   4boysmama
    Besides checking your school library for book resources, I'd also check your local township/county library. Mine's got some great nclex books, and even for the ones that aren't at my neighborhood branch I can ask for them to be sent via interlibrary loan. I'd highly suggest trying to get your hands on a fundamentals study guide, nclex review book, or something similar. I believe you can get kaplan's Basics ebook free from (it's the kindle version, so if you don't have a kindle you'll have to install the kindle reader to use on the computer: The Basics: Kaplan: Kindle Store)

    Besides books, there's flashcards and quizzes available free online. I really like - you can search "nclex+(your topic0" to get lots of both.

    Do you make up your own flashcards? Record lectures to re-listen? I would find it difficult to do well on exams with *just* reading the textbook. I need lots of different review methods to make info really stick!