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I noticed that some of us here are career changers... or older students. Just wondering what you used to do before you got bit by the nursing bug? What made you decide to go to nursing school? ... Read More

  1. by   hobbes
    Well, I currently have one of those IT jobs that is pretty flexible. Last semester I carried my laptop to school and between classes I logged on to the company VPN and worked. I write software but I really don't get any enjoyment out of it anymore especially with the bleak outlook for the industry. I just feel like it kind of a waste, although it does pay the bills, nobody would blink if my position just disappeared. Got me thinking that I need to do something that at least matters in the bigger scheme of things . Just finishing the preqs and hope to enter a program in the Spring or Fall of 2004.
  2. by   NurseDixie
    I'm 46 years old and I worked as a CNA for about 18 years, worked in a factory that made plastic car parts (HATED IT!). Then I went through a divorce, got another job managing apartments, worked as a CNA, this time in a nursing home (Very hard on the old back). Then I got remarried, quit working for a few years, hubby's plant shut down, he had his 2nd CABG and I went back to school to become an RN, something I've wanted to do for a long time.
  3. by   dcs
    I'm male, 41, and held many jobs. Lets see - worked since I was fifteen - paperboy, bus boy, dish washer, cook, factory worker, carnival roust about, cashier in theater, combat medic in army, bus driver while getting Bachelors in computers, programmer, network guru, communications guru, security officer over world wide network, owner & ceo of a computer consulting company, owner & ceo of firearms company on internet, due to economy - currently Sr business analyst for a $500B company. 18yrs flying a computer in one form or another - I'm going into nursing before the corporate world kills me or drives me insane... accepted into program - start next week...
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  4. by   PennyLane
    Last Friday was my last day as a technical designer for a computer-based testing company (think NCLEX, GRE, etc. And no, I didn't work on the NCLEX exam--luckily! I'd hate for that to come back and bite me in the behind. I was the one who actually created and published the tests).

    Before that I was a Technical Support Rep for an internet auction site.

    Before that I waited tables, and had various odd jobs while in college getting my Environmental Science degree.
  5. by   Dublin37
    Well congrats mel and dave! Good going! Heather
  6. by   ggfifirn05
    All my jobs have involved customer service and accounting. First job out of high school I worked as the bookkeeper for a poultry farm (they supplied eggs to grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, etc), then customer service for A/C & appliance service company in S. FL (lots of nasty elderly condo dwellers in that business!), then worked as bookkeeper for the family that founded the Winn-Dixie grocery store chain, then finally ended up as a "Senior Associate" (administrative assistant to a team of stock brokers) at Merrill Lynch for the last ten years. Most of my time has been spent in front of a computer (well, at least since that became a common piece of office equipment) and a calculator and phone. I make very nice money now, especially since I have my broker's license, but I'm really sick and tired of money being the be-all, end-all of people's focus. Plus, Mother Merrill is laying off people left and right, so I knew two years ago it was time for a change!

    I'd always wanted to be a nurse, but got side tracked by marriage, kids, divorce, remarriage, Navy wife stuff, etc., so I just took a bit of a detour to get here. I did get the chance during these last 30 years to do some fun things though; I was a competitive roller skater, up to the National level, in my late teens & early 20s; my husband and I, as well as our kids, have done community theatre for ten years (nothing since I started school though!) and I really did enjoy the Navy thing before my husband retired in '92. I don't feel like I've wasted any time getting to this point, but I'm really excited about starting nursing school on Sept. 2.
  7. by   kat57
    cna, laid off, grocery store clerk, mom, receptionist for a lawyer where my paychecks bounced. Mom again, adm. assistant for a small city for 10 years, part time bartender during bike week. Receptionist for a real estate developer. I sit in front of a computer all day and route calls, oh yes and make sure the copier has enough paper and open the mail. Great company but not for me anymore. I can't wait to stimulate my mind ! I study my terminology when I'm bored (always) read the bb and my A&P book.